SPVM continues to undergo heavy changes.

Sorry, SPVM continues to undergo heavy changes.

After building real-world modules and applications, I realized that a lot of changes needed to be made.

You can see what I'm currently working on below.

SPVM modules - CPAN modules


Math - Math functions

Regex - Regular Expression

Unicode - Unicode Utilities

Base64 - Base 64

Time::Local - Time Reverse Manipulation

SPVM::Errno - Error Number

SPVM::Resource::Re2::V2022_06_01 - Resource of Google RE2 release 2022-06-01.

SPVM::Resource::Zlib::V1_2_11 - zlib v1.2.11 Resource

SPVM::Cwd - get pathname of current working directory

SPVM::IO - File IO, Socket, Select/Polling.

SPVM::Digest::MD5 - SPVM interface to the MD5 Algorithm

SPVM::Digest::SHA - SPVM extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512

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