100+ Modules for Adoption! (Bit Rot Thursday)

EDIT: Just a note for PAUSE admins, as some emailed me, any module listed on this post can be given away to anyone who wishes to take it, without any need to ask me first. I do not wish to retain a co-maint either, so please just go ahead and transfer the ownership :) Thanks!

Today's Thursday, and if you regularly read blogs.perl.org, you know today is the first day of my plan to combat bit rot.

Happy Bit Rot Thursday, everyone!

The first step I'm undertaking is reducing the number of projects under my wing by means of deleting them entirely or putting them up for adoption. In total, there are about 107 modules I made adoptable, although some of them are a bundle deal.


Here are adaptable modules that I moved to the ADOPTME user. If interested, you should be able to claim any of them by emailing PAUSE admins at modules at perl dot org and asking them to transfer permissions to you. See neilb's blog post for more details.

I do realize a lot of them are trash, even if some were useful or amusing back when I first started coding Perl. I don't think I'd cry if I find out some of them get deleted by adopters.

And the modules are:


Also, some modules went under the axe and have been marked for deletion:

  • Acme::Excuse — a useless modules that intercepted __DIE__ signal and showed a random message from http://www.programmerexcuses.com/
  • Acme::XAppender — the "x appender framework" that resulted from a joke in a #perl IRC channel
  • App::IRCBot::NewYears — a bot for IRC New Years parties. While I still plan to make my bot attend such parties, it'll now be the Perl 6 version
  • Package::Localize — a half-working module that lets you use multiple different copies of packages with package-scoped variables. In the end, it didn't work out for my purpose.

In Perl 6 land, I removed these:


What I've done today is not all the modules I wish to delete or give away. Those I've left for the next time need evaluation to see whether anything uses them. Also, as I become more and more interested in programming Perl 6, rather than Perl 5, there may come a day, when I give all of my Perl 5 goodies up. Only time will tell.


Given I somehow ended up with permissions for Acme::CPANAuthors::German, it seems only right that I take on ::Canadian, I think? :)

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