Perl 6 IO TPF Grant: Monthly Report (April, 2017)

This document is the April, 2017 progress report for TPF Standardization, Test Coverage, and Documentation of Perl 6 I/O Routines grant


As proposed to and approved by the Grant Manager, I've extended the due date for this grant by 1 extra month, in exchange for doing some extra optimization work on IO routines at no extra cost. The new completion date is May 22nd; right after the next Rakudo compiler release.


I've created and published three notices as part of this grant, informing the users on what is changing and how to best upgrade their code, where needed:

IO Action Plan Progress

Most of the IO Action Plan has been implemented and got shipped in Rakudo's 2017.04.2 release. The remaining items are:

  • Implement better way to signal closed handle status (was omited from release due to original suggestion to do this not being ideal; likely better to do this on the VM end)
  • Implement IO::CatHandle as a generalized IO::ArgFiles (was omited from release because it was decided to make it mostly-usable wherever IO::Handle can be used, and IO::ArgFiles is far from that, having only a handful of methods implemented)
  • Optimization of the way we perform stat calls for multiple file tests (entirely internal that requires no changes to users' code)

Documentation and Coverage Progress

In my spreadsheet with all the IO routines and their candidates, the totals show that 40% have been documented and tested. Some of the remaining 60% may already have tests/docs added when implementing IO Action Plan or ealier and merely need checking and verification.


Some of the optimizations I promised to deliver in exchange for grant deadline extension were already done on IO::Spec::Unix and IO::Path routines and have made it into the 2017.04.2 release. Most of the optimizations that will be done in the upcoming month will be done in IO::Spec::Win32 and will largely affect Windows users.

IO Optimizations in 2017.04.2 Done by Other Core Members:

  • Elizabeth Mattijsen made .slurp 2x faster rakudo/b4d80c0
  • Samantha McVey made nqp::index—which is used in path operations—2x faster rakudo/f1fc879
  • IO::Pipe.lines was made 3.2x faster by relying on work done by Elizabeth Mattijsen rakudo/0c62815

Tickets Resolved

The following tickets have been resolved as part of the grant:

Possibly more tickets were addressed by the IO Action Plan implementation, but they still need further review.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug in IO::Path.resolve with combiners tucked on the path separator. Fix in rakudo/9d8e391f3b; tests in roast/92217f75ce. The bug was identified by Timo Paulssen while testing secure implementation of IO::Path.child

IO Bug Fixes in 2017.04.2 Done by Other Core Members:

  • Timo Paulssen fixed a bug with IO::Path types not being accepted by is native NativeCall trait rakudo/99840804
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen fixed an issue in assignment to dynamics. This made it possible to temp $*TMPDIR variable rakudo/1b9d53
  • Jonathan Worthington fixed a crash when slurping large files in binary mode with &slurp or IO::Path.slurp rakudo/d0924f1a2
  • Jonathan Worthington fixed a bug with binary slurp reading zero bytes when another thread is causing a lot of GC rakudo/756877e


So far, I've commited 192 IO grant commits to rakudo/roast/doc repos.


69 IO grant commits:

  • c6fd736 Make about 63x faster
  • 7112a08 Add :D on invocant for file tests
  • 8bacad8 Implement IO::Path.sibling
  • a98b285 Remove IO::Path.child-secure
  • 0b5a41b Rename IO::Path.concat-with to .add
  • 9d8e391 Fix IO::Path.resolve with combiners; timotimo++
  • 1887114 Implement IO::Path.child-secure
  • b8458d3 Reword method child for cleaner code
  • 51e4629 Amend rules for last part in IO::Path.resolve
  • 9a2446c Move Bool return value to signature
  • 214198b Implement proper args for IO::Handle.lock
  • c95c4a7 Make IO::Path/IO::Special do IO role
  • fd503f8 grant] Remove role IO and its .umask method"
  • 0e36bb2 Make IO::Spec::Win32!canon-cat 2.3x faster
  • 40217ed Swap .child to .concat-with in all the guts
  • 490ffd1 Do not use self.Str in IO::Path errors
  • 1f689a9 Fix up IO::Handle.Str
  • c01ebea Make IO::Path.mkdir return invocant on success
  • d46e8df Add IO::Pipe .path and .IO methods
  • 6ee71c2 Coerce mode in IO::Path.mkdir to Int
  • 0d9ecae Remove multi-dir &mkdir
  • ff97083 Straighten up rename, move, and copy
  • 7f73f92 Make private
  • da1dea2 Fix &symlink and &link
  • 8c09c84 Fix symlink and link routines
  • 90da80f Rework read methods in IO::Path/IO::Handle
  • c13480c IO::Path.slurp: make 12%-35% faster; propagate Failures
  • f1b4af7 Implement IO::Handle.slurp
  • 184d499 Make IO::Handle.Supply respect handle's mode
  • b6838ee Remove .f check in .z
  • 6a8d63d Implement :completely param in IO::Path.resolve
  • e681498 Make IO::Path throw when path contains NUL byte
  • b4358af Delete code for IO::Spec::Win32.catfile
  • 0a442ce Remove type constraint in IO::Spec::Cygwin.canonpath
  • 0c8bef5 Implement :parent in IO::Spec::Cygwin.canonpath
  • a0b82ed Make IO::Path::* actually instantiate a subclass
  • 67f06b2 Run S32-io/io-special.t test file
  • 954e69e Fix return value of IO::Special methods
  • a432b3d Remove IO::Path.abspath (part 2)
  • 94a6909 Clean up IO::Spec::Unix.abs2rel a bit
  • 966a7e3 Implement IO::Path.concat-with
  • 50aea2b Restore IO::Handle.IO
  • 15a25da Fix ambiguity in empty extension vs no extension
  • b1e7a01 Implement IO::Path.extension 2.0
  • b62d1a7 Give $*TMPDIR a container
  • 099512b Clean up and improve all spurt routines
  • cb27bce Clean up &open and
  • 4c31903 Add S32-io/chdir-process.t to list of test files to run
  • 5464b82 Improve &*chdir
  • 2483d68 Fix regression in &chdir's failure mode
  • ca1acb7 Fix race in &indir(IO::Path …)
  • a0ef2ed Improve &chdir, &indir, and IO::Path.chdir
  • aa62cd5 Remove &tmpdir and &homedir
  • a5800a1 Implement IO::Handle.spurt
  • 36ad92a Remove 15 methods from IO::Handle
  • 87987c2 Remove role IO and its .umask method
  • 9d8d7b2 Log all changes to plan made during review period
  • 0c7e4a0 Do not capture args in .IO method
  • c360ac2 Fix smartmatch of Cool ~~ IO::Path
  • fa9aa47 Make R::I::SET_LINE_ENDING_ON_HANDLE 4.1x Faster
  • 0111f10 Make IO::Spec::Unix.catdir 3.9x Faster
  • 4fdebc9 Make IO::Spec::Unix.split 36x Faster
  • dcf1bb2 Make IO::Spec::Unix.rel2abs 35% faster
  • 55abc6d Improve IO::Path.child perf on *nix
  • 4032953 Make 75% faster
  • a01d679 Remove IO::Path.pipe
  • 212cc8a Remove IO::Path.Bridge
  • 76f7187 Do not cache IO::Path.e results
  • dd4dfb1 Fix crash in IO::Special .WHICH/.Str

Perl 6 Specification

47 IO grant commits:

  • 3b36d4d Test IO::Path.sibling
  • 7a063b5 Fudge .child-secure tests
  • 39677c4 IO::Path.concat-with got renamed to .add
  • 92217f7 Test IO::Path.child-secure with combiners
  • f3c5dae Test IO::Path.child-secure
  • a716962 Amend rules for last part in IO::Path.resolve
  • 4194755 Test IO::Handle.lock/.unlock
  • 64ff572 Cover IO::Path/IO::Pipe's .Str/.path/.IO
  • 637500d Spec IO::Pipe.path/.IO returns IO::Path type object
  • 8fa49e1 Test link routines
  • 416b746 Test symlink routines
  • d4353b6 Rewrite .l on broken symlinks test
  • 7e4a2ae Swap .slurp-rest to .slurp
  • a4c53b0 Use bin IO::Handle to test its .Supply
  • feecaf0 Expand file tests
  • a809f0f Expand IO::Path.resolve tests
  • ee7f05b Move is-path sub to top so it can be reused
  • b16fbd3 Add tests to check nul byte is rejected
  • 8f73ad8 Change \0 roundtrip test to \t roundtrip test
  • 7c7fbb4 Cover :parent arg in IO::Spec::Cygwin.canonpath
  • 896033a Cover IO::Spec::QNX.canonpath
  • c3c51ed Cover IO::Spec::Win32.basename
  • d8707e7 Cover IO::Spec::Unix.basename
  • bd8d167 Test IO::Path::* instantiate a subclass
  • 43ec543 Cover methods of IO::Special
  • e5dc376 Expand IO::Path.accessed tests
  • 0e47f25 Test IO::Path.concat-with
  • 305f206 Test empty-string extensions in IO::Path.extension
  • 2f09f18 Fix incorrect test
  • b23e53e Test IO::Path.extension
  • 1d4e881 Test $*TMPDIR can be temped
  • 79ff022 Expand &spurt and IO::Path.spurt tests
  • ba3e7be Merge S32-io/path.t and S32-io/io-path.t
  • 3c4e81b Test IO::Path.Str works as advertised
  • 86c5f9c Delete qp{} tests
  • 430ab89 Test &*chdir
  • 86f79ce Expand &chdir tests
  • 73a5448 Remove two fudged &chdir tests
  • 04333b3 Test &indir fails with non-existent paths by default
  • bd46836 Amend &indir race tests
  • f48198f Test &indir
  • 5a7a365 Expand IO::Spec::*.tmpdir tests
  • 14b6844 Use Numeric instead of IO role in dispatch test
  • 8d6ca7a Cover IO::Path.ACCEPTS
  • 091931a Expand &open tests
  • 465795c Test IO::Path.lines(*) does not crash
  • 63370fe Test IO::Special .WHICH/.Str do not crash


76 IO grant commits:

  • 61cb776 Document IO::Path.sibling
  • b9c9117 Toss IO::Path.child-secure
  • 6ca67e4 Start sketching out Definitive IO Guide™
  • 81a5806 Amend IO::Path.resolve: :completely
  • c5524ef Rename IO::Path.concat-with to .add
  • 3145979 Document IO::Path.child-secure
  • 160c6a2 Document IO::Handle.lock/.unlock
  • 53f2b99 Document role IO's new purpose
  • 2aaf12a Document IO::Handle.Str
  • bd4fa68 Document IO::Handle/IO::Pipe.IO
  • fd8a5ed Document IO::Pipe.path
  • 8d95371 Expand IO::Handle/IO::Pipe.path docs
  • 60b9227 Change return value for mkdir
  • 47b0526 Explicitly spell out caveats of IO::Path.Str
  • 923ea05 Straighten up mkdir docs
  • aeeec94 Straighten up copy, move, rename
  • fff866f Fix docs for symlink/link routines
  • f83f78c Use idiomatic Perl 6 in example
  • e60da5c List utf-* alias examples too since they're common
  • 0f49bb5 List Rakudo-supported encodings in open()
  • 017acd4 Improve docs for IO::Path.slurp
  • 56b50fe Document IO::Handle.slurp
  • 2aa3c9f Document new behaviour of IO::Handle.Supply
  • a30fae6 Avoid potential confusion with use of word "object"
  • 372545c Straighten up file test docs
  • 1527d32 Document :completely arg to IO::Path.resolve
  • 4090446 Improve chmod docs
  • d436f3c Document IO::Spec::* don't do any validation
  • 69b2082 Document IO::Path.chdir
  • b9de84f Remove DateTime tutorial from IO::Path docs
  • 45e84ad Move IO::Path.path to attributes
  • 0ca2295 Reword/expand IO::Path intro prose
  • dbdc995 Document IO::Spec::*.catpath
  • 50e5565 Document IO::Spec::*.catdir and .catfile
  • 28b6283 Document IO::Spec::*.canonpath
  • a1cb80b Document IO::Spec::Win32.basename
  • 5c1d3b6 Document IO::Spec::Unix.basename
  • 9102b51 Fix up IO::Path.basename
  • e9b6809 Document IO::Path::* subclasses
  • a43ecb9 Document IO::Path's $.SPEC and $.CWD
  • 7afd9c4 Remove unrelated related classes
  • 6bd0f98 Dissuade readers from using IO::Spec*
  • 184342c Document IO::Special.what
  • 56256d0 Minor formatting improvements in IO::Special
  • 1cd7de0 Fix up type graph
  • b3a9324 Expand/fix up IO::Path.accessed
  • 1973010 Document IO::Path.ACCEPTS
  • cc62dd2 Kill IO::Path.abspath
  • 1f75ddc Document IO::Spec*.abs2rel
  • 24a6ea9 Toss all of the TODO methods in IO::Spec*
  • 65cc372 Document IO::Path.concat-with
  • b9e692e Document new IO::Path.extension
  • d5abceb Write docs for all spurt routines
  • b8fba97 Point out my $*CWD = chdir … is an error
  • b78d4fd Include type names in links to methods
  • bdd18f1 Fix desc of IO::Path.Str
  • a53015a Clarify value of IO::Path.path
  • 5aa614f Improve suggestion for Perl 5's opendir
  • bf377c7 Document &indir
  • e5225be Fix URL to &*chdir
  • e1a299c Reword "defined as" for &*chdir
  • 3fdc6dc Document &*chdir
  • 1d0e433 Document &chdir
  • d050d4b Remove IO::Path.chdir prose
  • 839a6b3 Expand docs for $*HOME and $*TMPDIR
  • db36655 Remove tip to use $*SPEC to detect OS
  • 0511e07 Document IO::Spec::*.tmpdir
  • cc6539b Remove 8 methods from IO::Handle
  • 335a98d Remove mention of role IO
  • cc496eb Remove mention of IO.umask
  • 3cf943d Expand IO::Path.relative
  • ccae74a Fix incorrect information for IO::Path.absolute
  • d02ae7d Remove and .rwx
  • 69d32da Remove IO::Handle.z
  • 110efb4 No need for .ends-with
  • fd7a41b Improve code example

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