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  • Aristotle commented on The ordering operators

    Question is why at that point you wouldn’t just write this:

    sub vcmp0 {
      my ($v1, $v2) = @_;
      my @v1 = split /[.]/, $v1;
      my @v2 = split /[.]/, $v2;
      $v1[0] <=> $v2[0] || $v1[1] <=> $v2[1] || $v1[2] <=> $v2[2];

    Sure it’s a bit copy-pasty but IMO that’s a benefit rather than a drawback in this case.

  • Joseph Brenner commented on What happened to Perl 7?

    It's excellent to have this clarified-- some people haven't gotten the word that the consensus is to stay with backwards compatibility-- I was talking to some folks who you would think would know better who were expecting some major breakage from the Perl 7 release.

    I was wondering about this, though:

    "At some point in the future, the PSC may decide that the set of features, taken together, represent a big enough step forward to justify a new baseline for Perl. If that happens, then the version will be bumped to 7.0."

    Couldn't this be firmed up at this point? I wou…

  • Dimitrios Kechagias commented on What happened to Perl 7?

    IMHO announcing Perl 7, which was picked up by the non-perl community as clear "signs of life" from what they thought of as an irrelevant/dying language, and then taking it back was quite a big step backwards, so I'd thought we'd want to rectify that as quickly as possible.

  • Elvin Aslanov commented on What happened to Perl 7?
  • Smylers commented on What happened to Perl 7?

    Thank you for such a clear update. As somebody who only manages intermittently to follow what's happening with the Perl core, this is really useful, and explains several things I'd be wondering about.

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