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  • Ivan Bessarabov commented on New Perl project. Interactive Perl coding tasks to run in the browser

    > I feel if a problem is added from web form, and answers are also added from web form, it will become interactive communication by a teacher and students.

    I agree. Creating a file in some format on GitHub is not as user friendly as using a tool created exactly for that purpose. For this project I wanted that there is a way to change/add new problems from the very beginning. And as a cheap and easy solution I've used GitHub repo to allow edits.
    We'll see what will happen in the future. If there is a demand for simple problem editing tool it is quite possible that I will create…

  • Yuki Kimoto commented on Is it possible to return to development with traditional P5P mailing lists?

    This is a comparison with the Perl committee, which is held by a small number of people.

    It's a suggestion that p5p can go back to the mailing list conversation for big decisions.

    I believe that big decisions should always be publicly and carefully discussed, even if some people disagree.

    We can look for suggestions that are better for both sides.

    If we can't find better way, the decision is something wrong.

  • Vincenzo Buttazzo commented on In defence of OOP

    👍 part two will be interesting!

  • Ron Grunwald commented on In defence of OOP

    Hallo lichtkind! I remember the excellent series of articles that you wrote about WxPerl programming and published in the German $foo Magazin. I look forward to reading your series on OOP.

  • lichtkind commented on In defence of OOP

    Hai guys I'm very happy you liked it and you remember me. I'm preparing next part and also fixed typos and will elaborate already published article here and there so please recheck when next part goes public (end of next week probably).

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