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  • Ben Bullock commented on Why I recommend using the "++" system of Metacpan

    > We use ~100 CPAN modules for our closed source application and nobody has a clue.

    Yup. I'm using many people's modules which the maintainers of the modules don't have a clue about. The Encode::Detective experience taught me that sometimes people might even be using something I thought of as an experiment. Sometimes I have had the odd experience of sending a bug report to a maintainer of something and they don't respond at all or they think it's not important, whereas it's actually something causing a crippling fault in a running system. Or sometimes they have added "playful" or "am…

  • faraco commented on Why I recommend using the "++" system of Metacpan

    I wholeheartedly agree with this post.

  • Buddy Burden commented on Why I recommend using the "++" system of Metacpan

    Well said. I've gone and ++'ed all the modules I regularly install on every new Perl installation I create. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Aristotle commented on I'm fully covered

    It doesn’t make any difference to users whether MetaCPAN runs the coverage checking itself or endorses the data generated by another service. The weight given to the data by MetaCPAN is the same.

  • Ben Bullock commented on I'm fully covered

    Yes, metacpan is advertising these coverage results on their web site.

    For whatever reason, the coverage results are appearing inconsistently:

    has no link but it's here:

    There are quite a lot of these glitches in the links, which don't seem to be formed correctly in many cases.

    Some of the coverage ratings seem to …

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