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  • Commented on Thames Valley Perl Mongers are Meeting!
    Thanks Gabor for the suggestion - will do! :-)...
  • Posted Thames Valley Perl Mongers are Meeting! to Oliver Gorwits

    A couple of weeks ago I asked for a show of hands to gather interest in restarting the Thames Valley Perl Mongers. The positive response we received is an encouraging sign that TVPMs are still out there (at least 30 of you) and interested in meeting up!

    The meeting will be held on

  • Posted Thames Valley Perl Mongers to Oliver Gorwits

    After being dormant for longer than I can remember, the Thames Valley Perl Mongers mail list woke up recently when someone[1] offered to host a meeting.

    I've put together a very short survey to work out how m…

  • Commented on SNMP module vs Net::SNMP module
    Thanks for this interesting post. Have you looked at using SNMP::Info ? I am one of the maintainers so please do provide any feedback, good or bad, if you do try it out....
  • Commented on Tie::Array::CSV is now more efficient on row ops
    Hi Joel, To answer the second point, yes David’s hunch is correct and Tie::File will slow down the larger the file is. It’s not so bad really, and you need a large file or to be frequently making updates, to...
  • Posted A (very) short list of Dist::Zilla tips to Oliver Gorwits

    For App::fooapp type distributions then you might want the README etc generated from a specific file. Add this to dist.ini:

    main_module = bin/fooapp
    ; btw, semicolon leads a comment, in case you forgot how to do that
  • Commented on Releasing trial/dev/beta versions with Dist::Zilla
    Thanks for the comment, but I think in turn you have misunderstood the motive of my post. I’m not concerned at all with the way PAUSE works (although thanks for the details, which I hope readers will find useful). Instead...
  • Posted AutoCRUD revamped to Oliver Gorwits

    For a couple of years I’ve been planning to rip apart and put back together the guts of Catalyst::Plugin::AutoCRUD, to address limitations in the initial implementation. After changing job and moving house I’m…

  • Commented on @dotCloud loves Catalyst apps: Up-and-running in 10-minutes (#Perl in the cloud, Part III)
    This is a terrific guide, thanks so much. I was able to deploy a demo of one of my modules to DotCloud really easily and quickly. Great stuff!...
  • Posted Releasing trial/dev/beta versions with Dist::Zilla to Oliver Gorwits

    You might have stumbled across Dist::Zilla's --trial command line option in the past, and maybe even used it for a developer CPAN release. Its effect is (as I understand it) two-fold:

    • adds -TRIAL to the name of the dis…
  • Commented on Why Dart is not the language of the future
    Programming Language Checklist...
  • Commented on Best Laid Plans of Mice and Chisel
    My sympathies. I had a similar experience once, and you did the right thing by sharing. Yes, the laser-beam eyes are just punishing......
  • Commented on local::libs for Dist Development
    My good friend Ray has taken this concept and applied some additional tweaks - well worth checking out his scripts instead of mine:
  • Commented on Introducing this blog
    Looking forward to your posts. Thanks for sharing the output of your hobbies!...
  • Posted local::libs for Dist Development to Oliver Gorwits

    Most of my distributions are on GitHub and built using Dist::Zilla. As the dependencies of each vary widely and I don’t want to muck up my workstation’s libraries, I set up a local::lib for each distribution’s…

  • Commented on Perl on a Windows 7 laptop
    Mithaldu: Install Cygwin so you can call all the GNU stuff, like grep, from the normal windows command shell; install MSysGit using the second option, so only the git command is exposed; install AP/SP and you should be set. OK,...
  • Commented on Perl on a Windows 7 laptop
    Ranguard - good video! Let me know how you get on with the other steps I describe. I’m going to try to make the process include fewer hacks, with the advice from Mithaldu. If we do get somewhere with an...
  • Commented on Perl QA Hackathon 2011 - Day 1 "Am I Online?"
    Just for information and interest... Apple's iOS devices do a similar thing when connecting to wireless networks, to work out whether they've hit a Captive Portal. In short, they GET a predefined document from in the background. This blog...
  • Commented on Perl on a Windows 7 laptop
    First, many thanks for your feedback Mithaldu :) Yes, what you describe would achieve much the same, so I might try it. I think the penny didn’t drop until too late for me that msys was an external component in...
  • Posted Perl on a Windows 7 laptop to Oliver Gorwits

    I’ve been setting up my Windows 7 laptop to have as complete a Perl development environment as possible. I don’t have a choice about the operating system in this case, but I am used to the Unix-style environment, which I’d like to maintain.

    One option is to use ="h…

  • Commented on Duplicating blog posts between and own blog?
    I have done this at my own blog using RSS/Atom syndication. The blog is Wordpress, and there's a plugin called FeedWordpress which pulls an RSS/Atom feed - in this case from the site. I'm very happy with the result...
  • Posted Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author:: namespace to Oliver Gorwits

    Following the lead of Mike Doherty (DOHERTY) I've moved my own Dist::Zilla Author PluginBundle into a new namespace:

  • Commented on Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaResourcesFromGit
    Replying to myself… Alternatively you could extend my plugin in exactly the same way as I’ve extended the original MetaResources plugin. Override the subroutine which parses the local git config file to get your specific repo details. The idea is...
  • Commented on Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaResourcesFromGit
    @mpeters: Please re-read the last paragraph of my post :-) I’ve deliberately written the Plugin to be modified to support other Git repos and cloud services. All it needs is a patch, and perhaps an additional setting (e.g. “repo_flavour =...
  • Posted Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaResourcesFromGit to Oliver Gorwits

    The CPAN META specification includes support for "resource" links to homepage, bug tracker, mail list, source code repository, and so on. These will appear on if you

  • Commented on My Dist::Zilla and git/GitHub workflow
    Fair point about using the CPAN release branch as the default and the issues it causes. I think we are stuck either way: either the contributor sends a patch against the “wrong” branch as you say, or I require them...
  • Posted My Dist::Zilla and git/GitHub workflow to Oliver Gorwits

    There has been a bit of discussion recently on the #distzilla IRC channel about how people are integrating their CPAN distribution development with Git, and in particular some of the Dist::Zilla

  • Commented on AskPerl: The Back-Compat Dilemma
    Thanks Mr Z, that’s a good summary of the situation and the examples have helped. I think when I complete the rewrite I’ll look at the programmers’ API and ask myself your question: “is this the same application?”...
  • Commented on AskPerl: The Back-Compat Dilemma
    Many thanks, Ron (and everyone) - and it looks like you’re right I got a variety of replies :-) But it’s interesting to see the reasons people have for each strategy. I’ve not made my mind up yet…...
  • Posted AskPerl: The Back-Compat Dilemma to Oliver Gorwits

    Gentle reader, I need your advice.

    Some years ago I created the Net::Appliance::Session Perl module. It allows the user to automate interactions with CLI-based networked devices (think routers, switches) - a sort of Expec…

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  • gidisrael commented on My Dist::Zilla and git/GitHub workflow

    Hey, Oliver.

    Could you please add some instructions on how to get started?

    For a Dist:Zilla newbie, how do I begin with your bundle? I mean, I’m not even clear on what a bundle is.

    Do I install your module and it configures everything?

  • commented on Comparison of Perl serialization modules

    I would mention Sereal module here.
    It's faster than Storable, claims compatibility of format between versions, produces more compact binary output and has nice features like sort_keys
    which allows to obtain identical binary output for logically the same hashes which is important as perl keys …

  • Steven Haryanto commented on Comparison of Perl serialization modules

    Yup, Sereal looks to be an overall winner. Will be trying it out in future projects. I'm especially annoyed by Storable's continuing lack of Regexp support. It should probably be retired and replaced by Sereal.

    I should also probably add other formats like MessagePack, BSON, etc.

    And I should probably subcategorize according to some criteria, e.g.: binary vs human-readable, cross-language or Perl-specific (supporting arcane Perl features), etc.

  • moru0011 commented on Why Dart is not the language of the future

    This post is full of wrong assumptions and misunderstandings.

    1. Factory constructors. Construction of objects is more than a design pattern, object construction is a core element of a language. Factory methods are a great improvement over the limited “new” statement. Nothing wrong with introducing this at lang level, as it does not prevent other patterns.
    2. Concurrency model: is actor-alike. This model is also favoured by many in the Java-VM language camp. A big advantage is that Garbage Collection (a big problem for large ente…
  • Malaidas commented on Why Dart is not the language of the future

    I strongly feel you are missing the pint somewhat here.

    the primary use of dart is to bring sanity to scripting web applications, specifically those of moderate to large size and in this it achieves its aims from what I can see. Would I choose it for a desktop application, no, there are a plethora of languages better suited to this. For use in the browser though its a good choice in my opinion. Certainly better than plugins such as Java Applets or Flash etc.

    the main stopping point with creating sensible we applications is JavaScript's stupidities. Which are caused of course…

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