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  • Mithaldu commented on Smoke testing on Windows
    I need a more principled way of queuing my tests.

    Honestly, you don't. When you use a decent disabled.yml file, and remove some of the unnecessary delays in and the testers stuff, like my repo shows, you can burn through all of CPAN in a week.

  • Matt Perry commented on Smoke testing on Windows

    I've been smoke testing on Windows since reading this blog post. I'm also getting hangs. I've used Process Explorer to see what is hanging and it's always due to Capture::Tiny. When things stop I'll see two Perl processes that look like this but with different filenames used for the last argument.

    C:\strawberry\perl\bin\perl.exe -e "$SIG{HUP}=sub{exit}; if( my $fn=shift ){ open my $fh, qq{>$fn}; print {$fh} $$; close $fh;} my $buf; while (sysread(STDIN, $buf, 2048)) { syswrite(STDOUT, $buf); syswrite(STDERR, $buf)}" C:\Users\smoker\AppData\Local\Temp\2\qdJ32OEk0b

    Killing one …

  • Mithaldu commented on Smoke testing on Windows

    My solution so far has been: Smoke on ActivePerl. I haven't tried smoking with Strawberry yet, but ActivePerl smoking has never hung in the manner you described.

  • commented on 13% of CPAN distributions don't have a test report on Windows

    Then it comes to Windows I prefer to rely on I had problem with my package hanging on Windows before, and it can happen again in the future. If it will happen, I won't get any reports from cpantesters, so won't fix the problem. ActiveState usually tries to build the package in a day or two after upload, so I just have to go to their site and check results. They are also using some weird compiler, so it helps me to improve portability of the C code.

  • Mr. Muskrat commented on 13% of CPAN distributions don't have a test report on Windows

    I just set up two Windows 7 smokers tonight that will be smoking when I don't need them for something else. Currently, testing on 5.12.1 and 5.16.2 but I'll be replacing 5.12.1 with 5.14.3 soon.

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