How to find CPAN modules that need help on Windows?

Recently Neil Bowers wanted to identify CPAN distributions you could help out with and Michael Roberts mentioned the smoke testing effort on Windows.

Assuming someone would like to help with Windows, how could he generate a list of modules that are especially problematic on Windows?

Is there a way to fetch all the distributions that have no successful test reports on Windows?

Is there a way to create the ratio of (failed test reports)/(all test reports) on MSWin32 for each distribution, and then show the top 100 of that list?


The answer to your last question appears to be "Yes". The entire CPAN testing matrix is available in an SQLite database. Although that might just be the matrix, not number of reports - I don't suppose that makes a material difference in the question you're asking, though.

I guess it's a "Yes" to your second-to-last question, too.

I'm past deadline on a job or I'd probably be downloading that database as we speak.

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm already downloading it.

Annnny minute now....

I actually had to delete media files to unzip this database. The sacrifices I make!

Yes, there's enough information here. I'll come up with a query and derive HTML from it tomorrow, maybe.

I applaud the efforts to generate a generalized list of problematic modules for Windows. When I saw the title, my mind immediately raced to the *very* problematic module DBD::Informix. If for some reason this module does not make it on the list from the current efforts, I would appreciate it being added. I worked with it for days and received many good suggestions from Perlmonks, but it simply would not install. Thanks.

Manually edited list exists here: , but it is not maintained regularly. Automatic tool, but without distinction by OS was written by Adam and is available here: , but, AFAIK, also is not updated.

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