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  • Commented on Method Privacy in Perl
    Perhaps a source of enlightenment:
  • Commented on Rakudo and NQP Internals Workshop (14/15 Sep)
    Down to 2...
  • Commented on Rakudo and NQP Internals Workshop (14/15 Sep)
    Actually, down to 3 now!...
  • Posted Rakudo and NQP Internals Workshop (14/15 Sep) to Liz

    Perl6 is at a turning point. Now running on 2 virtual machines (Parrot and JVM), with 2 more coming available in the next months (Javascript and MoarVM), with abstract concurrency on the JVM now and full Perl 5 interop at the horizon in MoarVM.

    To make it easier for past, current and futu…

  • Commented on YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev, week minus 19
    Some people in the Ukraine may not like "Back in the USSR" as the background music. Then again, it *is* April 1st :-)...
  • Commented on Why I'm considering dropping Perlmonks
    I left PerlMonks a long time ago already but for a technical reason: it is just too damn slow. I was impressed by Schwern's YAPC keynote. The comic strip is just bad and in bad taste. As far as I'm...
  • Posted Perl Reunification Summit to Liz

    As some of you may know, my partner Wendy van Dijk and me organized a Perl Reunification Summit on the Friday and Saturday before the YAPC::Europe. Organizing this started in May already, when I tried to contact as many people face to face to discuss this, before finalizing the plan. When the…

  • Posted First Post to Liz

    So, why don't you write a blog? A question I have been asked many a time in the past years.

    I guess I mainly felt that I didn't have to tell the world much. And I was busy with $work.

    Then you stop $work and start with $sabbatical. And start acting on the strange ideas that you …

  • Commented on So, Kiev 2013
    Please make sure that he gets a visa. Otherwise, I understand, he will not be let into the Ukraine (as Australia is one of the few countries of which its citizens need a visa to travel to the Ukraine)....
  • Commented on post-yapc
    Steven: Perl 5 momentum is much on everybody’s mind. The last thing I want is to do, is to take people away from Perl 5 development. What I do want to achieve, is a long term environment in which Perl...
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  • Sawyer X commented on Why I'm considering dropping Perlmonks

    I can speak volumes about this topic (and perhaps next time we'll be at the same conference, we should), but meanwhile I'll simply say: you were right about what Schwern did (most of it, at least) but he was right about it. The fact that you have an open mind (happy to hear you do!) doesn't mean you don't alienate others or necessarily notice it. My mother tongue isn't English either. Does that mean I don't alienate others, such as women? Hmm... no, it doesn't. I'm sorry this hurt your feelings, but that's simply how the world works sometimes. We don't always notice damage we do, and…

  • A. Sinan Unur commented on Why I'm considering dropping Perlmonks

    @SawyerX I'd like to get a few glasses of your favorite beverage just to thank for Dancer which I seriously love. We can also talk about this topic. But, now that I explained myself one more time, I am going to refrain from further commentary.

    As for Linus' comment ... He is a rather public person. I do not specifically follow him, but Google+ keeps putting his stuff in my stream via "What's Hot on Google?", so that's a public forum.

    He referred to a particular group's religious beliefs as "bats**t crazy" which would definitely create an unwelcoming environment for members of…

  • Sawyer X commented on Why I'm considering dropping Perlmonks

    I hope we could meet at the next YAPC and I could buy you a drink as well for your contributions to Perl (and to YAPCs!) next time. :)

  • Sid Burn commented on Method Privacy in Perl

    Don't use inheritance. All problems solved.

  • xmikew commented on Method Privacy in Perl

    I got really caught off guard by:

    They don't need to be documented. Rather, they need to be urinated on to mark your territory.

    The post was heavy then I hit that line and had to laugh. Thanks, good way to start off the day

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