Further Perl 6 Adventures

Howdy, peoples! I've written a few more posts on my blog about my adventures exploring Perl 6.

More posts are coming as I dive deeper into Perl 6 and learn more. Enjoy!


Have you figured out how (or if we can) inspect the signatures prior to calling a method? like a ->meta->method('xx')->signature or something

$ 6 'sub a($a,$b) { }; &a.signature.perl.say'
:($a, $b)
$ 6 'my $b = -> $a,$b { }; $b.signature.perl.say'
:($a, $b)

Signatures are an object, just like any other thing in Perl 6. Any Callable has it, and it can be obtained with the .signature method.

thank you Liz!

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