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  • Sid Burn commented on Inheritance is Bad: Code Reuse Part II

    Your concerns about separate Position roles don’t make sense to me. One is mutable and the other is not. Since position and movement are different things, why not make them different roles in your example?

    It should be more a minimal example that. But the primary reason why i didn't name it "Moveable" was more that i don't see changing a Position as movement. That's also why i named it "PositionRW". I named the method "move_by". But in real-life you would name that "add" or better overload the "+" operator. And the interface of a Position is a lot more complex, you probably …

  • Reini Urban commented on Analysing CPAN Testers' Reports

    45 minutes via webscraping? My script gets the reports in 2 minutes, with some yaml caching, and files it under t/reports/$version

  • BooK commented on Analysing CPAN Testers' Reports

    Open the page showing the combination of mod:MooseX::ClassAttribute and mod:Moose, and sort by "state".

  • jtradder commented on Specify the min perl version for your distribution

    With ExtUtils::MakeMaker don't you also have to specify ExtUtils::MakeMaker => 6.48 in CONFIGURE_REQUIRES? And since that option is available starting in 6.52, you actually need to bump the requirement up to that.

  • Flávio S. Glock commented on a perl5 to Java compiler - first benchmark

    Trying again with compilation included:

    $ time perl misc/Java/
    done 64000000

    real 0m9.688s
    user 0m9.617s
    sys 0m0.017s

    $ time ( touch Test.class ; rm Test.class ; perl -Isrc5/lib -I. -It -Cjava misc/Java/ > ; javac ; java Test )
    done 64000000

    real 0m3.069s
    user 0m4.092s
    sys 0m0.277s

    Java with compilation included is still faster!
    (note: I'm testing on a different computer)

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