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  • Buddy Burden commented on A Date with CPAN: And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor
    I think preaction was referring to the tester analysis tool.

    Ah, my bad then. Will I put the cpan-testers script on CPAN? I suppose I might, although right now, since it's completely self-contained in a single file, having it on CPAN doesn't make it easier to install; plus I'm not the original author so I feel like I should probably talk to tobyink about it first. But, maybe at some point, yes.

    But the reason why metacpan isn't showing your distribution is because it's not in the index.

    Sure. Like I said, I'm going…

  • Zoffix Znet commented on Perl 6 Types: Made for Humans

    Of course! Custom operators are just subs. If you can use a subset in a signature of the sub, same applies to an operator.

  • Daniel Böhmer commented on Stupid Regexp Trick: Fail on match

    Is there any reason you could not make use of Scalar::Util::looks_like_number?

  • Tom Wyant commented on Stupid Regexp Trick: Fail on match

    My stupid trick does not in fact accommodate underscores in numbers like Perl does, but I believe it could could easily be made to do so. I did not do this, frankly, because I did not think about it.

    There are several reasons I did not use looks_like_number():

    1. It dies not work on things like 0x..., with or without underscores;
    2. It recognizes things that I did not want to recognize, like Inf and NaN;
    3. It operates on the whole string. What I wanted was to recognize '2' and '3' in the string …
  • Zoffix Znet commented on Perl 6: The S/// Operator

    Yes. It just takes more adverbs than Perl 5's s/// and is used differently than Perl 6's s///

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