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  • Ovid commented on Fluent interfaces in Perl 6

    Offer, we can safely set public attributes here because Perl 6 makes it trivial to allow powerful subsets which are more or less "the data types you want", but created on the fly.

    Also, you can see an older version I did (with Jonathan's help with the MOP hackery) at this older version of that.

    You'll note that you can use your version, but if you want it multi-line, you have to end each line with a backslash (or else Perl 6 will think that .foo is being called on…

  • Aristotle commented on Fluent interfaces in Perl 6

    Also you are directly setting attributes, rather than using a public API - isn't that usually something bad in OO code?

    Attributes in the interface don’t have to translate to fields in the class and assignments to such attributes don’t have to mean unchecked writes to private fields. It’s trivial to provide the same attribute interface outwardly but actually implement it with accessors/mutators behind the scenes.

    Just because that code would be bad in Java doesn’t mean it’s bad in Perl 6.

  • Rohit M commented on Fluent interfaces in Perl 6

    Great news, I love Perl. Thanks a ton

  • Neil Bowers commented on Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: September 20th-26th

    This is great Sawyer -- thanks for doing this!

    I have two suggestions. First, there's a lot of content, and I guess there often will be. So how about a slightly more interactive format? I took your summary and did a rough conversion to a markdown format, then hacked together a script which converts it to a simple structured format.

    This is clearly going to be a lot of work. I think it's more likely to k…

  • Sawyer X commented on Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: September 20th-26th

    Neil, I'm sorry you had to do this extra work. The summaries are already in Markdown format in the p5p-summaries repo. :)

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