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  • Posted 10 Years of Attending Perl Events to Don Vito Perleone

    This year's German Perl Workshop (GPW 2013) in Berlin marks a 10 year timespan of me attending Perl events. Good enough of a topic for my first blog post here. It all started way back when in 2003, having just switched cities in pursuit of a new and fulfilling Perl job. By that time I already had…

  • Commented on Contribute to Perl by completing quests on Questhub
    Great idea! The voting part seems to work quite well over at StackOverflow. I, for one, welcome a centralised place for worthy Perl quests....
  • Commented on "Что думает brian d foy про Perl 7?"
    Bing offers a slight variation: Brian d foy thinks about Perl 7? Cročno rename Pearl deny in General immediately Wait a couple more years and renameStop talking about it...
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