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  • Commented on On prototyping in public ...
    Thanks for the update Stevan! I was wondering just yesterday what the status was of your attempt to add a mop to the Perl 5 core. The only question I have is--what's the earliest version of Perl that could possibly...
  • Commented on Announcing: UAV::Pilot v0.1
    Very, very cool!...
  • Commented on My Catincan funded cpan(1) fastest mirror enhancement
    Neat! Oh, and congrats on being one of the first 25 funded, but it's kind of cheating to fund yourself :-)...
  • Commented on Project notes: Prius hacking.
    Add the ability to save the camera feed somewhere and you’ve got some interesting possibilities. Make the switch and recording accessible via bluetooth and you’ve got some more. :-) Why did you want the reverse camera to display whether you...
  • Commented on A Glimpse Of YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2011
    Thanks for sharing! Your link to the lightning talks is slightly broken, it should be
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  • brian d foy commented on My Catincan funded cpan(1) fastest mirror enhancement

    I didn't really mean to fund myself, but at the time their default contribution amount was the rest of the money. Once it happened it was just easier to let it go than undo all the credit card stuff. It's why I need to experiment with something where more people can participate.

    It's one of the things I've been talking about with them. I'd rather see a way to over fund projects so that more people can reward the features they want. With that, you wouldn't reach some level and stop taking money.

  • theorbtwo commented on Project notes: Prius hacking.

    It can be useful to see where you are in your lane, and if you are all the way into your parking space, but mostly it’s a good first step toward being able to display the computer screen, or other arbitrary video sources. There is internal digital video, however it’s not a well-supported standard like HDMI/DVI, but rather GVIF, the “gigabit video interface”, which seems to not have been explored much in the “free world”. The reversing camera feed, however, is nice, standard, NTSC composite video.

  • Stevan Little commented on On prototyping in public ...

    perlpilot, honestly I have no idea what version it will ultimately be in, and I am not really wanting to speculate given the rocky path so far. I had hopes for 5.20, which obviously won't happen (though we will get sub signatures, hooray!).

  • Timm Murray commented on On prototyping in public ...

    If I were considering porting a module to mop, what would be the best way of going about that?

  • Stevan Little commented on On prototyping in public ...

    Timm, you can use the prototype on CPAN for now - - the guts will likely change, but the surface syntax and semantics should stay mostly the same.

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