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  • Buddy Burden commented on When a failure is not a failure

    In the question of why warnings didn't catch it, sthoenna is right, and the sub question is a red herring (the original bug wasn't in a sub anyway). That is:

    [absalom:~] perl -Mwarnings -le 'exit 1 ? 2 : 3'
    Useless use of a constant (2) in void context at -e line 1.
    Useless use of a constant (3) in void context at -e line 1.

    true, but:

    [absalom:~] perl -Mwarnings -le 'exit 1 ? 0 : 1' ; echo $?

    For some reason, using 0 and 1 is immune to the warning. I'm sure th…

  • Toby Inkster commented on When a failure is not a failure

    Perl actually has about four different things it calls an expression internally. The thing which is valid after a named unary operator is an "arithexpr"; this is the most limited form of expression, only allowing operators with precedence down to the bitshift operators.

    Next is the "termexpr", which allows anything down to assignment. After that is the "listexpr", which allows anything down to the comma.

    Lastly there is the "fullexpr", which would even accept the low-precedence boolean operators (e.g. and and or).

    In a standard function call,…

  • yanick.champoux commented on Watch the secret YAPC::NA live

    I understand the frustration, and I agree that the communication channels have been sub-optimal. No arguing there.

    However, I think we should also take a long, deep breath, and try to veer the discussion toward what can we do to improve the situation. For most (if not all) of the organizers, YAPC is a labor of love. And labor is the right word there -- it's a long, arduous, exhausting, unglorious process that end in a big final week-long push. Personally, I have no doubt that everybody involved honestly did gave their all. But life, and things, and then more life, happened. And as Ki…

  • jferrero commented on Ten million dollars to DotCloud, but still no Perl support

    G (Gnubila) PaaS is wrote in Perl, also.

    P.D. The G platform is enormous. And now they want to GPL it, but don't know how.

  • commented on Create Perl Competition to the PHP Content Management System

    Thanks for the pointer. Great idea and Scott is clearly well qualified to pull it off.

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