• Commented on Are Abilities Roles?
    Doh, I missed that init_arg bit. Nonetheless, my point about whether you'd instantiate the base class stands. If the answer is no, there's no point in having it be a class at all....
  • Commented on Are Abilities Roles?
    What is the purpose of making Ability a class in this design? If you never plan to instantiate it, then it should be role. Also, with your current design I could write Strength->new( name => 'Wisdom' ). That makes no...
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    Why do you need a Makefile.PL or Build.PL in a repo? If it's a pure Perl module you can do everything you need to simply by running prove. For my XS modules I always do add a minimal Makefile.PL or...
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  • byterock commented on Are Abilities Roles?

    Well doing this

    Strength->new( name => 'Wisdom' );

    will not give me strength->name wisdom as I turned off its 'init_arg' and did not turn it back on when I used the '+'

    give it a try it is actually quite kool

  • byterock commented on Are Abilities Roles?

    Interesting 'MooseX::ParameterizedRole'

    I wonder in this case would I still be able to do things like


    or with this really a way to cut down on my classes now I only need one role 'ability' rather than 6 and just change it name in my Character class.

    That would work but each 'ability' has its own separate, sub abilities under it??

  • byterock commented on Are Abilities Roles?

    Gee a comment longer than the post. Must be pushing the 'right' buttons;)

    But valid point all.

    BTW One of the reasons I started this series was to get out of the barnyard

    Funny how we programmers always head back there for some reason??


  • JT Smith commented on Are Abilities Roles?

    This is perhaps the best argument for roles vs superclasses I've ever read.

  • Davs commented on Are Abilities Roles?

    Wow, really good comment about roles vs inheritance!

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