• Commented on Creating an MMORPG in Perl
    Yes, please keep blogging about this....
  • Commented on Classify your RT tickets on CPAN Day!
    This list could use a little curation. SVK has been long dead. Math-Pari is completely insane, though I guess some people still use it. Personally, I stay far aware and use the GMP bindings instead. As for Tk, I guess...
  • Commented on Are conference speakers compensated
    [Side note: Please link nouns like "compensation for conference speakers" rather than "wrote" ;)] Sawyer, this is all very interesting and worth reading, but I think you totally misunderstood what the "dirty secret" was in brian's post. It wasn't anything...
  • Commented on Are Abilities Roles?
    Doh, I missed that init_arg bit. Nonetheless, my point about whether you'd instantiate the base class stands. If the answer is no, there's no point in having it be a class at all....
  • Commented on Are Abilities Roles?
    What is the purpose of making Ability a class in this design? If you never plan to instantiate it, then it should be role. Also, with your current design I could write Strength->new( name => 'Wisdom' ). That makes no...
  • Commented on I hate Dist::Zilla and missing Makefile.PL
    Why do you need a Makefile.PL or Build.PL in a repo? If it's a pure Perl module you can do everything you need to simply by running prove. For my XS modules I always do add a minimal Makefile.PL or...
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  • moritz commented on Creating an MMORPG in Perl

    Question: do you want to hear more about my attempts to create an MMORPG in Perl, even if posts are not Perl-related?

    Doesn't quite fit the "RPG" part, but it fits the "MMO" part: the backend is mostly Perl.

  • Ovid commented on Creating an MMORPG in Perl

    moritz: I used to play Lacuna Expanse quite a bit. The only downside I really found is the pollution. You could go on holiday for a week and come back, only to discover that everything you built had been destroyed by pollution. Sure, you could write scripts to manage your waste, or maybe figure out how to use someone else's scripts, but that made Lacuna Expanse very self-limiting, in my opinion.

    Unless you had some geek skills, you had to play every single day, without fail, to stop your colonies from imploding. That was somewhat demoralizing to me.

  • Olivier Mengué (dolmen) commented on Classify your RT tickets on CPAN Day!

    Yes, there's a post somewhere about that ("Maintainer's notes on").

  • Mohawk commented on Classify your RT tickets on CPAN Day!

    Would it be an interesting way to engage people's competitiveness in having a separate "RT weekend", so that the score being kept is how many RT (or github, or...) tickets get marked as resolved?

  • commented on I hate Dist::Zilla and missing Makefile.PL
    install/run/rpm-pack the module. Git copy is not suitable for this. Git copy is only for authoring (yes, and to submit patch).

    If you, as a user, need to install a git snapshot of a project hosted
    at GitHub, you can use for that and you don't
    need to bother about all the plugins. It's not equivalent to "git
    clone", but you get what you want.

    btw, when packaging .deb files, Debian tools expect tarballs too. And if you try …
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