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  • Commented on Uploading a new package
    A perl dist of the form Foo-Bar-Baz-1.23.tar.gz needs to contain a package Foo::Bar::Baz or it will be rejected by PAUSE. This is normally done by adding a file lib/Foo/Bar/ that declares the package in the normal way. In the case...
  • Commented on Statistics for perl hash tables
    "What is not good is that the developers have no idea how to evaluate hash tables and there is no sane discussion possible in the mailinglist" Asserting that nobody except you is competent to have an opinion does, indeed, largely...
  • Commented on Some ideas for improving the community - The ANA initiative
    You appear to misunderstand how open source works. "we need" is irrelevant. Actions speak louder than words. Patches speak louder than suggestions. Some of the things on this list are a good idea, some aren't. However none of them will...
  • Commented on Test::More - New Maintainer, Also stop version checking!
    This is awesome to hear. Organisations are an excellent tool and it's nice to see there being more and more of the Catalyst/DBIx::Class/Moose model of open discussion online and on IRC with multiple committers and shared ownership, and to give...
  • Commented on Crowdsourcing self-confidence
    Recruiting for a long standing project with a high barrier to entry and an architecture that's bulging at the seems is hard. During the periods when I've tried to be more active, I've not been able to give out nearly...
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    Interested in meeting new people at YAPC::NA? Hallway++ means you're never interrupting

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  • Commented on How do we know when a CORE module is deprecated?
    Petdance, anybody else who happened to be in #perl for the whole conversation will have seen: wasanzy asked for help Shells suggested something that's a really bad idea apeiron corrected this Shells, apeiron and I discussed it until Shells understood...
  • Commented on How do we know when a CORE module is deprecated?
    Steven, it can be preserved on CPAN for the people with legacy code that requires it. Given the existence of Plack::Handler::CGI, starting a new project with in 2013 out of anything except ignorance is simply gross incompetence....
  • Commented on How do we know when a CORE module is deprecated?
    I believe it's leaving core as of 5.22.0 'deprecated' is generally taken to mean "should be avoided because it's been superceded", which very definitely has as of the release of a Plack with CGI support....
  • Commented on How do we know when a CORE module is deprecated?
    Joel, you still don't have any of the context for this, or the help that's been given to wasanzy over the previous weeks and months. I do, however, apologise to anybody who read this blog post before the author fixed...
  • Commented on How do we know when a CORE module is deprecated?
    Coke, Chris Fedde and apeiron have had an axe to grind against each other for years. apeiron decided to put him on /ignore to avoid getting into any more non-constructive arguments. cfedde apparently has gone the "passive aggressive blog post...
  • Commented on Don't release experiments to CPAN
    If it's experimental, I put EXPERIMENTAL (in all caps) in the =head1 NAME abstract section - i.e. =head1 NAME Module::Name - EXPERIMENTAL frobnicator and I think that's useful, just like Net::IRC having 'DEAD SINCE 2004' in the same space is....
  • Commented on no indirect considered harmful
    metadoo, with respect to "Also, objectively speaking, in both cases error messages quite clearly state what has happened", I have to answer with "sure, once you already know what happened". The problem I'm talking about is that the error messages...
  • Commented on no indirect considered harmful
    The real life bug that I've created an equivalent to in that post completely screwed over a critical deployment schedule, and cost me one developer to burnout, one client to assumption of incompetence, and one large codebase to perl. (I...
  • Commented on A perl of your own
    nxadm, I think those people are as served as they're going to get by the capacity to have single-line feature bundles. Getting from 'one line' to 'no lines' requires a trade-off - in this case 'run this using the myperl...
  • Commented on A perl of your own
    nxadm, 'use true;' gets rid of the 1; and MooseX::AutoImmute demonstrates a solution for ->meta->make_immutable (in Moo, immutability happens automatically on first ->new). What I'm looking at here is a way to evolve a set of defaults without needing to...
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    The blog post.

    The github repository


  • Commented on A perl of your own
    swuecho, Syntax::Collector is in the same class as ingy's perl5 or SineSwiper's sanity (and somewhat related to my Import::Into). All of them involve your adding a 'use' line to your code; the point of myperl is to be able to...
  • Posted A perl of your own to Matt S Trout (mst)

    Want per project perl defaults that save boilerplate? You want your perl - you want myperl.

  • Commented on Building pluggable backends with Moo
    > with current Moo (1.000007) setting an attribute value via its default subroutine does not invoke a trigger Moose has never done that either, so that would be a major compatibility problem if we changed it. > If the coercion...
  • Commented on I am sad
    Couldn't agree more; this was the fundamental problem with the 'perl 7' idea and why the YAPC::EU organisers' joke about doing perl7 T-shirts was offensive rather than funny. "There's more than one way to do it" applies to "being a...
  • Commented on Names and Numbers, Brand and Identity
    Mike, I was the one who originally popularised 'perl5 is a velociraptor' - my YAPC::* closing keynotes summarising the state of the perl5 community are known as 'State of the Velociraptor'. However, I think the raptor meme belongs to the...
  • Commented on Pumpkin Perl Breakdown
    chromatic, the people I want to convince -are- the users. I'm trying to create an identity that we, as a community, feel like we own, and feel like we can use with reduced changes of people getting confused as to...
  • Commented on Pumpkin Perl Breakdown
    arrestee, after all the trouble we've had with the namespacing collision of perl5 and perl6, it seemed pretty obvious to me that it'd be nice to have that a priori avoided for any new languages/implementations. Since clearly it wasn't obvious,...
  • Commented on Pumpkin Perl Breakdown
    John, now you point it out it was a mistake to omit that; the people I'm aware of in that category all basically said "... so as such we're going to keep working on perl6 and not express an opinion",...
  • Commented on Pumpkin Perl Breakdown
    gotmynick/inigo, (1) as I said, no technical changes up front, (2) so far as currently existing code sees it, it'll look exactly like perl 5.20 was always going to look - this is a change for humans, not for programs,...
  • Commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux
    Neil, that makes total sense - but what I'm saying is, if we try and develop a complete overarching strategy up front, we'll never get started on doing anything - so let's do this first. I've written up a breakdown...
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  • Dean commented on Some ideas for improving the community - The ANA initiative

    I am impressed how much I totally agree with this post. Getting organized and building a great experience is hugely important.

    Its totally legitimate to say "if you see a problem, then fix it" - alas that isn't in and of itself empowering.

    Consider as evidence, the circumstances that exist such that metacpan and exist.

    Building some frameworks around co-operation is hugely helpful in encouraging contribution. Github's business plan is based upon that, and is why its taken over from sourceforge (etc) so quickly.

    TPF should consider grants to d…

  • Mohawk commented on Pumpkin Perl Breakdown

    From (freenode/#perl6) a few minutes ago (edited to correct spellings):

    20:16 	mohawk 		TimToady: if perl5 were to be re-branded as Camel Perl (subject of course to a conversation with Mr O'Reilly), how would you feel about that?
    20:16 	* TimToady 	thinks it wouldn't make any substantive difference
    20:17 	mohawk 		are you "no strong feelings one way or the other"?
    20:17 	* TimToady 	thinks people …
  • Gabriel Sharp commented on Don't release experiments to CPAN

    If you want this, first make the guys writing books about perl not tell new developers to submit their code to CPAN; I've read 2 such books. I am sure there are more books out there saying the same thing.

    I am also unclear on your reasoning for the problem. Is it: 1) because you don't like how long the module list is with the extra entries? 2) The submissions of Acme:: and related modules are …

  • fibo commented on How do we know when a CORE module is deprecated?

    Come on, it's not that tragedy. On RedHat perl-CGI is already packaged.

    It is not that difficut to include instructions for those who want to port their CGI scripts.

    Something like

    sudo cpan CGI

    will do the trick ;)

    I think Perl can move on and remove from core modules.

    What it is really missing in the core, in my opinion, are IO::Socket::SSL and Plack.

    Look at Node.js core, for example

    We need https!

  • Jean-Damien Durand commented on Uploading a new package

    Many thanks Matt & apologizes for the noise to everybody!

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