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  • About: Chris has been building tomorrow's legacy systems for more than 2 decades. His favorite way of achieving this is through what he calls programming by research and find that perl and the CPAN provide a rich platform, ecosystem and community to succeed within.
  • Commented on POD speculation
    No one ever reads my doc. Much less the actual pod that generates it. If the topic even comes up it is to defend the use of perl when blub is so much better. Still here are my thoughts: I'm...
  • Commented on Octothorpes Matter!
    One of the problems with having a legacy is that you get swamped by it. It's hard to get involved with each "new" social phenomenon that comes along and still give a reasonable amount of time to the traditional and...
  • Commented on Stupid state trick
    I'd like to see some details about the kind of time that is saved using tricks like this....
  • Commented on Python is The New "Write-Only, Linenoise" Language
    Every time this issue comes up I have to point at
  • Commented on On the Semantic Naming of Things
  • Commented on Response to The Perl Jam 2
    Is the implicit single argument open() behavior of <> appropriate any more? $ cat foo #!/usr/bin/env perl use Modern::Perl; my $x = "ARGV"; while () { say $_; } # execute as: foo 'ipconfig|'...
  • Commented on New module Path::Iterator::Rule::RT
    I'm working in a group that uses everyone else's ticket system but does not use one of our own for our work. Coming from environments where the ticket is king, I've found this way of working very strange. I have...
  • Commented on Tool tip: looking at a module's source
    Thanks for that! The only thing that is wrong with your version is the name. The proper name for this tool is "vimp" :-) ps: mine used to used perldoc -l. Now it uses mpath. I suppose that it is...
  • Posted Keeping up to date. to chris fedde

    Here is one way

          perl -nE '
                /=head2.*L([^|]+)/ and $s{$1}++;
               END{ say for (keys %s)}' `perldoc -l perllocal` | 
          while read f; do cpanm $f; done

    What are some others?

  • Commented on Why Puppet is Intrinsically Better Than Chef
    sex, drugs and rdist....
  • Commented on A Tiny Code Quiz
    One of the things I love about perl is the generous application of the principle of least astonishment. One of he main values of languages like perl is that it is pretty intuitive to understand what a given bit of...
  • Commented on Some code ports to Mojolicious, just for fun.
    As cool as this posting is it is hard to read the code example because some of the interesting lines scroll off the right side of the display. In the second example the scroll bar is sometimes off the screen....
  • Commented on p5-mop Inside-Out object problem
    Is there a case where external code would want access to the internal state of an object that would not also be provided by introspection via the meta object? Pretty much the point of a MOP is to mediate this...
  • Commented on The Key to Database Normalization
    There is no reason not to keep a well normalized database even if we are using mysql. There are cases where materialized views and other query speed hacks are needed. These are best used in addition to the normalized schema...
  • Commented on Compare Git repository viewer, "GitPrep" and "GitLab"
    I'll dig into this. I've been looking for an alternative to gitweb for local/internal use. Some other teams here are using GitLab but it has way more features than I need. Another option is Trac but it also has more...
  • Posted When should good design be introduced to a project? to chris fedde

    The philosophical, social and financial constraints on a project will often guide the direction of the system far more than actual technical constraints do. As technologists our goal is to set ourselves…

  • Commented on Crowdsourcing self-confidence
    Committees don't write good software, small dedicated teams do. Usually the teams are highly inequitable in terms of measurable project artifacts. Checking the contributors graph on a few other github projects will show almost exactly the same profile as this...
  • Commented on Dance with the one that brung ya
    I'm all for moving out of the CORE. My question is what do we do with the opportunity that creates? We need to deliberately and obviously promote one of the excellent frameworks with well publicized and promoted blogs and...
  • Posted Response to Ejecting From the Perl Core to chris fedde From the Perl Core chromatic discusses the pending deprication
    of a storied module. I needed to address a perhaps overlooked aspect
    of the argument.


  • Commented on Deprecated modules warn when they are used
    I think that there is an important distinction to make here. On the one hand Modules themselves can be discouraged, deprecated and removed. On the other a module's inclusion in the CORE uses the same words but has no relation...
  • Posted How do we know when a CORE module is deprecated? to chris fedde

    I have edited this down to just the single real question.

    08:57:05 mst> cfedde: is deprecated and scheduled to be removed from
    the core as a terrible idea by 5.22 at the latest

    I check the module doc and I don't find a deprecation notice in it…

  • Commented on Perl dropped and Go adopted due to concurrency issues in baconbird
    What is the technical reasons why perl threads are so bad? We've been saying they are bad for more than a decade now. over two different architectures. But what is the key technical reason why we should avoid perl threads...
  • Commented on What should be in core?
    I'm all for more useful error messages. That the failure to load message does not even include the exact name of the module that failed to load is quite a problem. Remembering back to my phone company days, Error messages...
  • Commented on To switch or not to switch - The MySQL Question
    In addition to raw database performance you may also choose to consider periodic roll up of reporting data into summary bucket structures such as star schema or data cubes. The idea here is that most of the counting is done...
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  • mj41 commented on Response to The Perl Jam 2

    Yes, everybody should use static languages. For example Java.

    “… Going forward, developers should take this as an example of why it’s not safe to unserialize untrusted data. Unfortunately in the Java world, so much is built on the concept that this is okay, it’s going to take a long time to move away from that. …”…

  • Dean commented on Python is The New "Write-Only, Linenoise" Language

    In python, you cant "next" out of multiple loops.

    In PHP you have to count your way out.

    Thats all for me. Perl labels > all

  • Steven Bakker commented on POD speculation

    Hi Chris,

    Makes sense. I always used "=item" because it allowed me to say "=item B<foo> ( [I<arg>] )", but that only gets you so far. It looks nice, but it doesn't show up in the TOC, and worse, for longer lists of methods/functions, I often screw up with the "=over"/"=back" balancing.

    I think I'll switch to "=head3" from now on.

    And in my case, people do read my doc. Unfortunately, people that then take over maintenance make changes, but neglect to update the doc (including updating the AUTHOR entry, so I get blamed for bad documentation).

  • Flavio Poletti commented on POD speculation

    Thanks all for the feedback and additional hints. As for me, I don't know if people read my docs (or use my modules at all, apart a few exceptions), but I surely do read them and I find the list of functions/methods in the TOC to be soooo useful!

  • Philip Durbin commented on Perl dropped and Go adopted due to concurrency issues in baconbird

    This old post of mine was just referenced in a new post by Mario Roy called "STFL Terminal UI - Concurrency Demonstrations" at . Enjoy!

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