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  • Davs commented on My database involved testing setup

    Actually, I've tried transactions, after getting the schema, I called schema->txn_begin and before done_testing() I put schema->txn_rollback. When running test sequentually, i took about 33+ sec, which is quite nice. But I could not get it to work when running parallel, because deadlock occured. Maybe I did something wrong, maybe MySQL is not suited for this. Anyway, for now I'm gonna go with the separate databases and parallel test execution.

  • Davs commented on My database involved testing setup

    I've been experimenting with transactions further. It IS fast (around 14sec) but I keep getting mostly 1 error, but sometimes more, which is I think due to race conditions or something (long story short it does not like the fact, that multiple processes are running on/altering the same DB). If I manage to get it working properly, Ill make a blog post about it :)

  • Davs commented on My database involved testing setup

    Wow I think I managed to fix it and cut down test execution time to 15sec. The problem was in test, where I would do some DB operations in a separate scope. Making everything to happen in the same scope as txn_begin and txn_rollback seems to fix the problem

  • Ron Savage commented on Static since last Friday

    Hi domm

    Argh. Yes, I was beginning to suspect something when I realised that post was followed by newer one. Thanx.

  • Ranguard commented on Static since last Friday

    You could have also emailed me - my email is at the top of the page :)

    I'll try fix it tonight - thanks for the heads up

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