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  • Dana Jacobsen commented on Learning Perl 6 - Find in a Large File

    I was having a similar issue, but on a larger file (32M 64-bit integers, about 120x larger than /usr/share/dict/words on my machine). This is more than I'd like to pull into an array, as it uses 13.5GB of memory.

    Using the 'for $in -> $x { ... }' style was going quite slow, but the helpful people on #perl6 got be to try .get in a loop, e.g. 'while (my $x = $in.get) { ... }' which turns out to be much faster. Not only does it use almost no memory, it's 50% faster than the latest @d = "file".IO.lines.

    BTW, this was meant to share my experience with using .get for reading a la…

  • :m) commented on Learning Perl 6 - Find in a Large File

    ah, very interesting. Thanks for mentioning.

  • Marius Gavrilescu commented on RFC Perl for education

    > Due to different requirements. Perl for production needs to support what was done 10 years ago. Perl for education should enforce current best practices, hence can be more aggressive.

    Still, breaking backwards compatibility shouldn't be a goal.

    > While both Task::Kensho and dwimperl are awesome, they do not achieve what I would like to see in Perl for education. Furthermore, they are NOT backed-up by Perl foundation..

    It is easy to create a custom Task:: with exactly the modules you would like to see in Perl for education. Why do they need to be backed up by Perl fo…

  • Enkidu commented on RFC Perl for education

    Perl didn't lose the fight in the education sector because of the language, but for the lack of a good text book at undergraduate level. Tons of great books for developers and learners, but with the exception of Orwant's Algorithms book (and possibly Advanced Perl Programming and Higher Order Perl), there are no books for learning Computer Science with Perl. Team up with a bunch of university lecturers and try and give chromatic a run for his money. Your timing is good, all the tools are ready. You just need to prepare the ground.

  • vytas commented on RFC Perl for education

    after some more thinking I must agree with most what Marius said. Technically Perl has easy solutions for ePerl I described.. after finding something close to what I want ( Schwern's Perl5i ), I must say I won't be wasting time for ePerl..

    Some other ideas I came across:
    * pyconuk 2014 had 2 days education track
    * Applications like Pyland would be great
    * It might be great to adjust Perl for different levels, something like staging Perl, i.e. allow only if statemen…

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