YAPC::EU 2015 from 2nd to 4th September

The YAPC::EU 2015 conference in Granada will officially begin on Wednesday Septermber 2nd and will end on Friday 4th.

We also encourage you to be in Granada by Tuesday September 1st: we will be having other interesting events to warm up before the conference. For instance, if you'd like to use the venue to organize a meeting, a hackathon or a workshop just drop us a line.

In any case, make sure you don't miss the pre-conference meeting on Tuesday evening.


Sadly, in France, this is also the first week of school, which is going to make it hard for those of us with children.

Same for The Netherlands, which is divided in 3 regions. Summer holiday is 6 weeks, and each region starts a week after the other, and the last region's summer holiday ends on august 30. Several Dutch Perl Mongers will not be able to make it to Granada next year (at least, not with their family, and since the first week in school is taxing for parents, the other parent will not be happy when the Perl Monger is having fun in Granada).

Yet another reason to target younger people :-)

BTW, I don't have a problem with the current dates, but I would have some if the conference was a week earlier, because of my sons birthday. No matter which dates you'll pick, some people will find them inconvenient

interestingly, at Swiss Perl Workshop, we choose dates that are *not* during the (local) holidays. Because some people might not be able to attend because they are away on (family) holidays..

In my case, I can seldom attend YAPC::Europe because of it happening during my kids holidays (that BTW, in Spain last until mid September!)

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