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  • commented on The CPAN client version-less dependency problem

    With regard to "Report what versions of things the author was using when they made this release" aspect of this problem, I did write a dist::zilla plugin ( MetaData::BuiltWith ) for this purpose:

    The most verbose incantation ( MetaData::BuiltWith::All ) is probably a bit excessive, but you get a somewhat reliable report of what versions of everything can be used to attain a working install of the authors module.

    The i…

  • bart commented on The CPAN client version-less dependency problem
    "Are you sure you want to install this shiny new version of Web::Some::Thingy but still use your 4 year old copy of DBD::SQLite? Install the new DBD::SQLite? [Y/n]"

    You could present this info as a possible remedy in case some of the tests fail.

    But if the author didn't include a single test that can demonstrate that there is a problem: bad author, no cookie!

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