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  • Chisel commented on A call to action for CPAN authors

    "Entries are returned in an apparently random order. The actual random order is subject to change in future versions of perl, but it is guaranteed to be in the same order as either the keys or values function would produce on the same (unmodified) hash"

    Perl 5.8.9 documentation, Dec 2008.

  • Steffen Mueller commented on A call to action for CPAN authors

    @James: We only broke modules that were already subtly broken. In certain circumstances, Perl would actually change the order of the hash contents (rehashing due to collisions or hash growth) and two hashes with the same content could actually have differing hash orders. It's just that it was rare and lurking to make your mission critical software fail in mysterious ways in the most unfortunate moment. You're welcome.

    On top of that, we had a one-liner that could make any unpatched Perl consume a virtually infinite amount of RAM. This was through an HTTP request if the process on the…

  • john napiorkowski commented on A call to action for CPAN authors

    I'm not sure what the confusion here is...

    AFAIK this change has been spoken about for quite a while, at least a year that I can recall. Beta and RC releases have been out with this change, and if you are a CPAN author you've likely already been getting reports about the broken test cases for months. So I can't really think its fair to jump in at such a late moment and complain about the 'decision making process'.

    A slightly backwards incompatible change was made that made already broken code slightly more obviously broken in order to fix a monumental security issue. Thi…

  • welcome.mahesh commented on A Simple Mojolicious/DBI Example

    Wonderful. I am looking for Mojolicious Application Example to understand it. This is so helpful :)

    Thanks to aristotle for his very very valuable points for a new bie.

  • Henryk Paluch commented on A Simple Mojolicious/DBI Example


    For Unicode support there are few fixes needed:


    use Encode;
    plugin Charset => {charset => 'utf-8'};

    modify / method to:

    any '/' => sub {
      my $self = shift;
      my $rows = $self->select;
      # convert utf-8 octets -> unicode
      for my $Item ( @{ $rows } ){
          map { $_ = decode('utf-8',$_) } @{ $Item };
      $self->stash( rows => $rows );

    Best regards

     —Henryk Paluch

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