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  • Posted A Simple Telegram Bot to polettix

    I just wrote a small post A Simple Telegram Bot in my blog... with a tiny introduction to Bot::ChatBots::Telegram. Comments more than welcome!

  • Posted Some Maths for Dobble to polettix

    I wrote an article about the maths behind the game Dobble (known as Spot-It in some countries). It has no pretense of strict formality but it works for reminding me the…

  • Posted Telegram Keyboard Button Encoding to polettix

    I wrote a blog entry about it, also introducing a new module to handle this. Enjoy!

  • Posted WebService::Fake - but still usable! to polettix

    I released a new simple module/application WebService::Fake and wrote about it in my main blog. I'd love to read any feedback providing any…

  • Posted Automating deployment of my personal Perl projects with Dokku to polettix

    Last weekend I completed an article about deploying my personal Perl projects using Dokku - it might be interesting if you have similar needs!

  • Commented on POD speculation
    Thanks all for the feedback and additional hints. As for me, I don't know if people read my docs (or use my modules at all, apart a few exceptions), but I surely do read them and I find the list...
  • Commented on Learning from other/experienced speakers
    Some hints I found interesting can be found in Conference Presentation Judo by Mark Jason Dominus. You might want to add him to your list if he's not there already. I can't judge whether those suggestions made me a successful...
  • Commented on Missing Smart Match
    Didn't know about Syntax::Keyword::Junction, that's what you get when you stop to the first module that fits the requirements :). It would be good to have some hint in the Perl6::Junctions docs, anyway, because it seems "more popular" with two...
  • Commented on Missing Smart Match
    Perl6::Junction seems to address the "basic use cases" pretty well and readably, for a modest increase in typing effort. It allows you to mix junctions, although you have to be careful of what you want. It also seems to be...
  • Posted POD speculation to polettix


    [...] expects to find either a =head(n>1) or an =item block documenting a subroutine.

    In pure TIMTOWTDI spirit, it's …

  • Commented on Regex /m modifier bug in Perl 5.8.8 and older
    The problem is that qr{} has a bug in older perls in that it does not propagate the modifiers when they are set outside (e.g. mxs in qr{/whatever}mxs). See here about this. My personal "mental discipline" is to never use...
  • Commented on CPAN Testers needs our help
    One thing that I'd suggest to do as soon as possible is to add the link to the EPO page inside the CPAN Testers page. Anyone hitting there has absolutely no clue on how to do a donation, and it...
  • Commented on Travis-CI and Perl
    Thank you for sharing your slides, they seem very promising!...
  • Posted Travis-CI and Perl to polettix

    If you're interested into using Travis-CI for your Perl projects, here's a few pointers that you should not miss:

  • Commented on The removal of the lexical topic feature in 5.24
    P5P outsider here. I read through the whole thread "Salvaging lexical $_ from deprecation" and I think that the intent from RGS was correct: let's just talk more about this issue before ditching something that might be useful indeed. RGS...
  • Commented on On The Mojolicious Codebase
    @Joel: thanks for the thorough answer and the pointers. Re ‘discouraging’: if you wanted to communicate your feelings, you were successful. I’m still not sure it was the right tactic to let the feelings slip :) The article is interesting...
  • Commented on cpanparty is over
    Hi! I'm a bit slow, but I still think that the idea might be great and maybe most people (me included) just don't realize it. I read the article you pointed to, but really didn't make much out of it....
  • Commented on cpanparty is over
    Hi! Before you shut it down, just a feedback. Even at a second look, I did not understand what the purpose of cpanparty is and what problem it aims/aids to solve. You might want to add something about *why* anyone...
  • Posted Data::Tubes to polettix

    I released a new distribution - Data::Tubes.

  • Commented on On The Mojolicious Codebase
    I did a light research (well, just a query in DuckDuckGo actually) and didn’t find anything, so I’ll just shoot in the dark. Hopefully in a civil and respectful way, even if I said “shoot”. I was somehow tickled by...
  • Commented on Pure-Perl XML
    @Joel thanks!...
  • Commented on Pure-Perl XML
    @Joel: I agree too, Mojolicious is not the kind of "installing half of CPAN" thing that sometimes makes me look for alternatives. WRT my community experience, there are always two ends in a communication and they can be both wrong,...
  • Commented on Pure-Perl XML
    @Joel not sure what you mean with your comment. My goal is the equivalent operation of a fat-packing; in such cases, having a module that has less dependencies (especially when they are guaranteed) is easier to include than one with...
  • Commented on Pure-Perl XML
    @Joel thanks for the hint. Mojo::Dom seems fine for projects where I use Mojolicious, but for standalone-ness I'd probably look into DOM::Tiny which is derived from it. I'd be interested in any discussion about "practicality" vs "correctness" as the comment...
  • Posted Pure-Perl XML to polettix

    In the past I sometimes used XML::Tiny and I found it perfect for the job. Agreed, I had to struggle only with very little and under-control XML, so I knew I could do without a full-fledged XML Parser.

  • Posted teepee to polettix

    I know this is probably the worst time of the year to blog about something different than Perl 6... but I had this article under construction since about one month, and some Christmas vacations helped to give it the final touches! I hope someone will…

  • Commented on Logging wide characters with Log4perl
    You might want to update the link to the "Test::Builder's Unicode issue" article - it's currently broken. Thanks for the good advices!...
  • Posted Changes, nags and git hooks to polettix

    I use Dist::Zilla with a few plugins, including NextRelease and Git::Check. I was always nagged by the fact that committing actually left the

  • Commented on A general profile photo that looks in the camera
    That's a good advice... also considering that I see my image is already cached in the PerlWeekly repository/website, so my photo change on Gravatar is of little help probably......
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  • Graham Knop commented on Missing Smart Match

    I don't find

    $x in @a
    very comprehensible because it isn't obvious how it will be comparing elements. Will it use string equality or numeric equality? What if you need to pick one or the other?

  • Aaron Priven commented on Missing Smart Match

    $x in @m and $y ~> @n are analogous to and just as comprehensible as $x eq $m and $y == $n.

  • Damian Conway commented on Learning from other/experienced speakers

    I use PowerPoint 2011.

    Those code slides are produced by making a single original slide of the code (in yellow text on a black background), then copying it multiple times in a row, then stepping through the sequence with the "copy format" tool (whose icon looks like a paint brush), highlighting one component of the code per slide in white-bold. This process literally takes only seconds per slide.

  • Neil Bowers commented on CPAN Testers needs our help

    Hi Flavio: that's a good suggestion — I've passed it on to Doug Bell, the new project lead for CPAN Testers.

  • Neil Bowers commented on Learning from other/experienced speakers

    Hi Flavio, I've added Mark to my hitlist -- just emailed him the questions. Thanks!

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