cpanparty is over

Well, it was a great party but .. It seems everybody needs to get home, as home is better place than being a guest somewhere ... as Russian would say ;)

But to be serious I am going to close cpanparty project as:

  • I don't have much time to write new test cases for existed CPAN module and it seem nobody wanted to join this process

  • My initial idea behind sparrowhub was to create a repository of reusable test / monitoring suites to match various life practical cases. CpanParty is a bit different - this is specification by example / test descriptions of existed CPAN modules. Still thinking that idea is quite interesting I am going to remove cpanparty plugins from sparrowhub to keep it clean and dedicated to initial purposes so not to confuse user asking how can I use test cases for Dancer2 or Mojlicious or other great web frameworks in my daily test/monitoring tasks?

So farewell for CpanParty!

As result:

  • cpanpatry plugins will be removed from sparrowhub index
  • plugins source code will remain on my github repos though
  • let'me know if for some reasons you want to resurrect or start new cpanparty tests for some CPAN distributions ....



Before you shut it down, just a feedback. Even at a second look, I did not understand what the purpose of cpanparty is and what problem it aims/aids to solve.

You might want to add something about *why* anyone would want to use it, and make this info very easy to reach from the head of the home page (and possibly every page). Otherwise, I fear that you might have a gem that is still buried in the ground.

Hi! I'm a bit slow, but I still think that the idea might be great and maybe most people (me included) just don't realize it.

I read the article you pointed to, but really didn't make much out of it.

Just before giving up, I'd suggest to write an article where you explain the problem, the solution an possibly provide a step-by-step example of how different users might benefit.

Or... just move on to your next project, and good luck!!!

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