Travis-CI and Perl

If you're interested into using Travis-CI for your Perl projects, here's a few pointers that you should not miss:

Too bad that it took me so long to find them out.

I needed to figure out how to set up testing for 5.24 waiting for that to happen out of the box, this is what I ended up with as the bare minimum that can be done for things to just work:

language: perl
  - "5.24"
  - "5.22"
  - "5.20"
  - "5.18"
  - "5.16"
  - "5.14"
  - "5.12"
  - "5.10"
  - git clone git:// ~/travis-perl-helpers
  - source ~/travis-perl-helpers/init
  - build-perl
  - perl -V

This ensures that 5.24 will be auto-compiled if it's not already provided by Travis-CI, while keeping all the rest as you configure it (Graham's setup forces usage of Dist::Zilla when present, which I was not actually prepared to handle remotely).


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