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  • About: Perl hacker since 1995. Coordinator of in New Zealand.
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  • gvl commented on Which code to read?

    I like to read code by Tokuhiro Matsuno. It's very cleanly written and there are indeed things to discover inside. I started by doing some source diving on SQL::Maker in order to figure out how to compose certain queries and ended up contributing to documentation. It's certainly more rewarding than just reading code, especially when the author is not a native English speaker.

    Also, reading David Golden's code was particulary insightful. It's not overly verbose, not necessarily self-documenting but it's almost always well commented, not always easy to understand but it looks efficient…

  • Neil Bowers commented on The ghost of CPAN Days past

    Grant: that's very hypnotic to watch, and there's a very visible surge from that block of uploads!

  • ahmadbilal200854 commented on The ghost of CPAN Days past

    Looks interesting ;)

  • Ether commented on The ghost of CPAN Days past

    I have a Task-Kensho-* release planned soon. Challenge accepted. :)

  • Neil Bowers commented on The ghost of CPAN Days past

    Ether: if we can get INGY to do one of his bursts of releases, we should have the raw numbers covered, and then it comes down to the number of authors.

    Hmm, I didn't give the top stats for that. I'll have to fix that later!

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