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  • Posted How removing . from @INC is about to break CPAN to Todd Rinaldo

    In Perl 5.26, it will no longer be a safe assumption to assume . is in @INC. This is a good move towards a more secure Perl, but will break the installation of many CPAN modules. For those of you wondering why this was done, see

  • Posted What happened to . in @INC to Todd Rinaldo

    In Perl, module loads have always attempted to look for the module you refer to in the current working directory (not necessarily the script location). It has always been this way in Perl. This goes back to the keyword "do" which precedes "require". When this was originally coded, it was also…

  • Commented on The 2016 P5P Hackathon
    @Ether: The site and the wiki can be found here:
  • Commented on The 2016 P5P Hackathon
    It won't be an ACT site but I will let you know when we get the wiki up....
  • Posted YAPC::NA 2013 in Texas, June 3-5. to Todd Rinaldo

    YAPC::NA 2013 will be held in the "Live Music Capital of the World", Austin, Texas, from June 3rd through June 5th. 

    The conference theme is "25 Years of Perl". Come celebrate Perl's silver year with all your favorite members of the Perl community. 

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