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  • About: I do biomedical engineering research and Perl helps me get things done fast. :-)
  • Commented on A GUI for CPAN::Mini
    I love this! Where is the source so I can try it? :-) Oh, in case you're interested, there was some discussion about making a web-driven installer work with MetaCPAN. I'm sure this would be possible with the installation of...
  • Commented on Let's top
    Kent, looks like you didn't make it this month. The follower cutoff got bumped up to 296. I agree that fixing the follower limitation is a better approach. Or even creating a reputation-like measure (people that contribute more count more?)...
  • Commented on Having fun with Perl and PDL: predicting github contribution calendar, GitInsight
    Very cool! PDL should really be used more in the Perl community. It's a breath of fresh air coming from MATLAB for scientific computing....
  • Commented on map/grep is not a real iterator?
    Good question! You might not want to use a map when you have a void context for reasons of clarity. See this SO question. Also, Perl 5 doesn't have lazy lists unless you use an iterator and there are several...
  • Commented on 1-line Endianness Detection in the C Preprocessor
    Using pack/unpack is a bit verbose for my tastes, so I would rather use the byteorder information from the Config module. use Config; my $is_little_endian = $Config{byteorder} eq '12345678';...
  • Commented on Debian, MariaDB, Perl and DBD::mysql
    Should the line my($chateau) = 'Chteau'; be my($chateau) = 'Château'; ?...
  • Commented on Learning project 2: What's different
    OK, this gives a bit more information on what you’re working towards. :-) Regarding content, have you seen this talk by Danny Hillis about the Learning Map? It seems complementary to this....
  • Commented on Learning project: introduction
    You might want to look at item response theory. I found this blog post gives a nice introduction. Also, you may be able to adapt or get inspiration from the LON-CAPA system. It’s written in Perl. I don’t really know...
  • Commented on PDL 2.007 Released!
    I use MATLAB for research too. I’d like to use more PDL, but there aren’t enough tools in PDL to make prototyping biomedical image analysis quick and easy enough yet. I plan on fixing this, but it all comes down...
  • Commented on Do your piece to fix TIOBE or stop talking about it
    I'm curious if we can use the <abbr> tag or title attribute to tag the word Perl with "Perl programming language" and still have it be indexed. That way we can use Perl and still have the text flow naturally....
  • Commented on Before you use a rainbow color map, read...
    Interesting read, thanks for sharing. The “Rainbow Color Map (Still) Considered Harmful” paper notes that many visualisation tools still use it as the default which is probably a major reason it is still widely used....
  • Commented on Zotero/Perl integration
    Regarding using Pandoc Markdown + BibTeX for papers, have you seen Jakob Voss' makedoc?...
  • Commented on Shell access to $NOT_MY_ENVIRONMENT for development?
    If you want to have something that you can use remotely, a friend of mine pointed me towards CloudShare and Windows Azure. You can also see if any of the Windows VPSs at LowEndBox work for you....
  • Posted Local hackathons (and how Perl can help) to zaki

    Hi everyone, this is my first blog post on here (Gabor Szabo++ for reminding me Last week, I posted to the group inviting them to come out to the local ="http://houstonh…

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  • Joel Berger commented on map/grep is not a real iterator?

    If I may self-promote, I wrote a python-esque generator module called Generator::Object, based on Coro, which may serve you if you really need lazy evaluation.

  • Toby Inkster commented on map/grep is not a real iterator?

    The input list is as much the killer as the output list is. You can test that using:

    perl -e'map{print if $_ %1000==0; ()} 1..100_000_000'

    which of course will return the empty list. The problem is that for map Perl will first build a list of the numbers 1 to 100 million as SVs, but for ($x..$y) though has been optimized in the Perl compiler.

  • Sid Burn commented on map/grep is not a real iterator?

    map/grep are no iterators at all. They just read the whole list, apply the function to every element and return a new list.

    Perl itself doesn't have special iterator support. But you still can write something as an iterator, but you have to do it on your own.

    For example you create a function that returns a function that uses an closure. Or you just use OOP for keep tracking of the current state and so on.

  • mudler commented on Having fun with Perl and PDL: predicting github contribution calendar, GitInsight

    Thank you,

    you are so right. I liked very much using PDL instead of matlab, using perl and binding sci calculations is fun and also productive for a Perl programmer!

  • Alex commented on A GUI for CPAN::Mini

    It will be on GitHub soon :)

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