• Commented on You can import your Metacpan favorites into!
    If there's anything else you with this site had, please let me know (preferably by emailing the address at the bottom of the site)....
  • Posted You can import your Metacpan favorites into! to Karjala is a website that notifies you when your favorite modules get updated, via e-mail or RSS.

    As of today, you can now import your favorites from into

    And if your metacpan favorites list changes in the future, no worries: the corresponding …

  • Posted Multi-user feeds in! to Karjala, the site that notifies you about new releases of your favorite modules, just got better for groups, with Multi-User feeds.

    If you're part of a project team, and wish to have your team members be able to view and/or modify your feed(s), as of today you can.…

  • Posted now sends emails! to Karjala

    I have updated with an important feature. is a site that notifies you whenever your favorite Perl modules get updated.

    Up until now, it let you track changes to your favorite modules through an RSS reader. If you wanted to receive email updates inste…

  • Posted is broken to Karjala

    When I click on "login" from the front page and type in my username & password, I get a "Permission denied." error message. If I need to log in, I have to reset my password, and then I'm logged in.

  • Commented on New developer tool:
    Philipp, I'll do your request in the next 7 days....
  • Commented on New developer tool:
    Mithaldu, I just finished your request. When viewing a distribution page, you can add it to one of your personal feeds now....
  • Commented on New developer tool:
    Searching for "rss email" brought up this service, which seems to work fine so far:
  • Commented on New developer tool:
    I added your feature request in my ToDo list....
  • Commented on New developer tool:
    I tried "Feed My Inbox" a bit, and didn't get emails for any of the updates in my RSS feed. I guess it's a problematic service. Must find an alternative....
  • Posted New developer tool: to Karjala

    Hi people.

    I just developed, a website that can be of use to Perl developers.

    Say you’re a Perl developer working on a project that depends on a number of modules from CPAN. Or you’re maintaining a modul…

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