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  • Mike commented on Response to Ejecting From the Perl Core

    Thanks so much to you and Leon. I didn't know plack would not work with my version. I tried to upgrade all the way to 5.16.1 about 6 months ago, but it didn't work. These are notes from last Dec:

    I just tried to upgrade from 5.8.0 to 5.16.1 (64bit) on one of my machines. Ran this:
    and it installed fine, but I can't find it.

    I normally keep Perl in C:/Perl, but when I
    go there it's still 5.8.0. I did a search for 'active' and '16.1' and 'Perl' and 'bin', but can't find it anywhere.

    The answer is that …

  • confuseAcat commented on Response to Ejecting From the Perl Core Most sysadmins have switched away from Apache a long time ago? You mean not counting the 50%+ that are still using it?

  • commented on Rethinking smart matching

    You say "time to go the way of pseduohashes." Pseudohashes were removed because they slowed down Perl not because they made the spec too hard for a few simple minds to codify.

  • bowtie commented on Announcing App::Midgen v0.24

    chorny hi,

    The main reason for supporting both is the lack of CPAN Reports for Perl::MinimumVersion::Fast at time of inclusion. Hence I wanted a way to enable any existing users to upgrade.

    But the concept of a Thorough v Fast Option needs looking at, do you have any coverage metrics of the two modules in question :)

  • Jeff Norden commented on Response to Ejecting From the Perl Core

    Well, I'm pretty late to this party, but I completely agree with Chris that ejecting is a bad idea. Like a host of the other core modules, it could certainly use a thorough housecleaning. But simply saying that something like Plack or Plack::Handler::CGI is "better" doesn't cut it unless they really provide equivalent functionality, which they don't seem to, at least to me. I certainly don't think that code is better simply because it is old, but it also isn't superior just because someone labels it as "modern."

    There are plenty of valid criticisms of of, but …

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