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  • About: I'm the Treasurer for the Frankfurt Perlmongers e.V. . I have organized Perl events including 7 German Perl Workshops one YAPC::Europe.
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  • vsespb commented on Unicode is 20++ years old and still a problem

    > File::Find could guess the encoding via e.g. Encode::Locale with an accuracy of 99.99%.

    So you want it to be broken by design, and write/read garbage from filesystems in some cases?
    Filesystem encodings never should not be detected with locale !
    Your proposed design leads to data loss.

  • Reini Urban commented on The problem with CPAN: depending on poorly maintained modules

    I've fixed Coro for 5.22. It's unauthorized and it doesn't support %SIG handlers for warn and die in coros.

    cpan rurban/Coro-6.4801.tar.gz

    For the other typical unmaintained CPAN modules:
    Check other peoples published distroprefs. This applies the outstanding patches automatically.

    cd ~/.cpan
    git clone

    dan golden has some:
    Slaven Rez…

  • john napiorkowski commented on The problem with CPAN: depending on poorly maintained modules

    Part of using CPAN is that you need to put some effort into understanding a module's popularity and any issues around it. For example The Squatting framework doesn't see a lot of love if you look at the revision history, its not seen an update in two years... I don't think its ever become popular AFAIK. Not sure what Modern Perl list mentioned Squatting...

    Coro, the author is clearly very smart but he's not known to play nice with others, so best to avoid. I'd say the same about his Anyevent. If you want to play with event loops and so forth stick to IO::Async, it has an IRC chan…

  • Mithaldu commented on The problem with CPAN: depending on poorly maintained modules

    Test::TCP works fine on windows, it's just the tests that often fall prey to race conditions what are not easily fixed, and may sometimes even seem fixed, but still fail on other systems. Additionally the author doesn't care and often lets pull requests languish.

  • Matt S Trout (mst) commented on Virtual Spring Cleaning (part 2 of X) in which I release Apache::Tika::Async

    Given Future already supports all of the different loops, as soon as you load an event loop at all it's effectively free.

    Search::Elasticsearch chose Promises for no particular reason and the author was open to adding Future support as well; if I ever have to use it I'll likely do so since I hate having to deal with things that aren't the common standard.

    If you're already forcing people to deal with AE, I'd simply call it AnyEvent::Apache::Tika so those of us who don't like software that breaks in production because the author doesn't like another CPAN module can avoid it in…

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