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    Hi, can you please explain how a CPAN user shall tell the difference between a Perl module and a "Perl6" module? What prevents a Perl user from installing -- or even downloading -- a "Perl6" module from CPAN?...
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    If you publish code to CPAN, you've probably noticed the steady improvement in its entire ecosystem over the last couple of years. ++Neil Bowers and ++the meta::cpan core hackers in particular have laboured tirelessly to improve…

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    Thanks for the comprehensive reply ++...
  • Commented on Log::Any - Now With Structured Logging
    Hi, the context feature seems like it might be quite useful. (I'm not sure I see the value of passing structured data since you can already do that with debugf(), infof(), etc...) I wonder if there's any chance of getting...
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  • preaction commented on Log::Any - Now With Structured Logging

    The difference between what happens with debug(..., \%href) and debugf(...,\%href) is the formatter callback and what the Adapter object receives: If the adapter implements a specific method (structured), it gets the raw arguments unedited so that it can use its own method of structured logging (Log4perl's MDC for example). In no case with debug() will the formatter get called. The rules for the formatting set of functions (debugf() and friends) have not changed: Adapters get the string after Log::Any has done all of its…

  • mephinet commented on Log::Any - Now With Structured Logging

    Thanks for releasing the changes as a trial! For your information: I've migrated my $work's internal Log::Any::Adapter to use structured logging and the context hash - and things are working fine!

  • JJ Merelo commented on CPAN6 Is Here

    Link to Mi6 is broken...

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