Increasing Perl’s Visibility, Redux

Quite a while ago, I blogged about how Perl projects should have websites to increase not only their visibility, but the visibility of Perl as a whole.

Perl has had the CPAN and awesome websites like MetaCPAN and its predecessor for a long time, so unlike how things happen in other programming language ecosystems, many Perl projects have felt no need to start their own websites for documentation, package downloads, and community — all these things were already provided.

However, I do feel that this centralization keeps Perl content on the Internet very isolated and makes Perl less visible than other programming languages.

I've recently released Web::PerlDistSite to provide an easy way to generate a modern-looking website for your project based mainly on its existing pod. You can then publish your site on or your own hosting.

I used it to create this website for Exporter-Tiny and also to revamp the existing website for Type-Tiny.

If you've got a CPAN distribution and want to create a website for it, Web::PerlDistSite could be a quick way to get started. The documentation is pretty limited right now, but you can open an issue if you need help.


This is great, Toby. Kudos.

Centralization is good for things like CPAN, MetaCPAN and docs. One already knows they're looking for Perl things.

Blogging reaches more eyes that were not necessarily looking for Perl things if decentralized (or if somewhat centralized on a few platforms non-specific to Perl).

For modules and frameworks, I haven't made up my mind yet, but having an easily generated static web site built from the actual module documentation definitely can't hurt.

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