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  • Posted Four backends now for GUIDeFATE...but the struggle continues to Saif

    Just as you are thinking you got the hang of something, believing you know how to work the system, imagining you have a problem licked, then you wake up to find out it was just a dream. That has been my experience in developing GUIDeFATE (A…

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    @Mohammad, It's already there mate... saiftynet/GUIDeFATE....
  • Commented on Guiding Fate
    @Mohammad Thanks for your support mate, and nice to have met you at LPW....
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    Thanks Matthew, I will try and put it up this weekend. I figured I would need to put in tests etc and write a decent pod. TBH I am not entirely sure of the process. Regarding TK, this was my...
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    Somebody once said, that the power of a programming language is not what it lets you do, but what it lets you do easily. Might be Larry himself who said it, not sure, but I heard it at the London Perl Workshop. I started learning Perl from an old second hand book I found in a char…

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  • Mohammad S Anwar commented on Guiding Fate

    Welcome to the CPAN world, Saif. Please drop me a line, if you need any assistance.

  • Mohammad S Anwar commented on Guiding Fate

    @Saif, I noticed you released your work to public domain, congratulations. I wonder if you have any plan to share your code on GitHub. This would help others to contribute and make it even more useful.

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