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  • Commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux
    Yeah, break compability, remove everything we are suffering of....
  • Commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux
    Thit is truly genius! Pumkin perl will immediately sweep off all ancient perl burden that still comes from google pages. People will search and find new, modern perl examples and find out, that pp is fast and usable. Also we...
  • Commented on vworker for Perl?
    I'd like to see donation button on the modules. So i can supply beer to people i like. Imagine how much beer some guys can have...
  • Posted newbies and perl to genius

    I am teaching kids perl programming. They use Search on is awful. Period.

    Problem is not the outdated tutorials somewhere on the internet. Outdated official sites like, - are the real problem.

  • Commented on Merging Hash
    It was hard to get whether it's a joke or an invention :))...
  • Commented on My CPAN Book
    It could be better if it was a wiki. Much easier interface for many people....
  • Commented on Merging Hash
    I am not sure that i uderstand your idea... merge_hash takes \%precedent by reference and it gets changed + returned. Overkill? As i know, the best way to merge hashes is: my %merged = %precedent, %subordinate;...
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  • KENTNL commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux

    I definitely prefer "pumpkin" and "pumpkin perl" over "perli". "perli" is just begging to increase the current rate at which people associate "perl" with "peril".

    Can't say I'm fond with that.

    After discussion with MST, it appears to me we're not in a position to really even contemplate a real fork, and P5P are not likely to bless it as a fake fork either.

    So for the time being, its just an exercise in changing the box label and discussing what it should be.

    Because anything more will be risking dividing P5P, and whatever strategy we adopt, we need…

  • Reini Urban commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux

    I thought perl emphasis collaborative maintainance over the single hero. I hear "matz ruby" and I'm displeased, but it might be okay because matz is in control of the language despite a lot of competitors who change and enhance the language around.

    My proposal was "p5p perl" to emphasis the community over ricardo.
    What did he do in the last years other than waving arms and giving
    talks? helping in decision making certainly not.
    p5p did the work.
    A future pumpkin might be more technical, but still naming the
    release after him? This is the wrong messag…

  • Will commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux

    Perl 5 should still be called "Perl". Instead, Perl 6 should get a new name. Let the newcomer sound like a silly pumpkin, not the established language.

    Renaming Perl 5 would cause confusion over the fact that all the existing Perl 5 code out there couldn't be called Perl code anymore, it would have to be called Pumpkin Perl code.

    Even though the existing Perl has not changed, we're required to call it something different? No, that's not how names are supposed to work. New names are for new things.

    Perl 6 is the new thing, *it* should get a new name.

  • commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux

    I like the reasoning, I like the idea, and I like the name.

    Most people will probably still just say "perl".

    But what is the trademark status?

    (As for Perl 6, we've already got "Rakudo Perl" and other Perl 6 dialects, so there's no need to have "Rakudo Blackfriar Perl" or something as Will appears to suggest.)

    I'm glad that the name "Onion Perl" hasn't been suggested, since that might imply that there is Only One Perl. There isn't, and in the future, we might even have another sibling in the so far fairly small Perl family of languages.

  • Neil Ostrove commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux

    It looks like most of the comments like the idea but dislike the name, mostly because its meaning isn't obvious. To give everyone a worse choice to rally against, thereby consolidating mst's choice, I hereby propose the name Acoustic Perl (analogous to acoustic guitar).

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