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  • Sawyer X commented on PRC 2016 - Second Trimester

    I've just merged and released a new version of WWW::xkcd with your patches. Thank you for the contribution.

    I do feel like I need to offer some words of self defense. My time is very limited and I spend it on numerous projects (not including work, hobbies, and some form of life). I try to optimize it to what makes the most benefit to people and to myself. Yesterday, for example, I had spent over 5 hours to properly review emails and write a new Perl 5 Porters summary.

    This means that contributions to something such as a small toy module to fetch comics I wrote at the beginnin…

  • Alberto Simões commented on PRC 2016 - Second Trimester

    Dear Sawyer,

    Sorry. I should probably rephrase the whole post. Or probably now it is a bit too late.

    For me things weren't that bad. I know you, Ricardo Signes and Paul Johnson enough, to know of your busy lives. And that is why I used "it seems", because I know it is not true.

    But as CPAN PR Challenge tries to persuade new Perl users to contribute, for those, not getting any answers might be frustrating.

    Thank you!

  • Aristotle commented on PRC 2016 - Second Trimester
    And that is why I used "it seems", because I know it is not true.

    Culture gap I guess. “It seems” usually means “from what I can tell”, i.e. a position you are not necessarily sure about but which you conclude based on an observation. If you actually disagree with the impression – if you really mean something like “it gives the false impression” – then you need to explicitly say that. Otherwise most readers will misinterpret you. (I did, too.)

  • Alberto Simões commented on PRC 2016 - Second Trimester

    I see what you mean, thanks Aristotle. Sometimes not easy to know how other will read, mainly when not writing in your own language.

  • E. Choroba commented on OrePAN2 Processes MetaCPAN Lookups in Chunks

    English is my second language, I just hope my blog post doesn't sound too harsh. I can imagine how maintaining an open source project works, how busy people could be with other stuff, and how exhausting it could be to describe steps taken by an automated system that one can't share directly.

    It's just curiosity. I'd still like to know whether the original issue was fixed. Thanks for all the work you do for us.

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