• Posted 2017 Perl Toolchain Summit to preaction

    This year I had one goal for CPAN Testers: Replace the current Metabase API with a new API that did not write to Amazon SimpleDB. The current high-availability database that raw incoming test reports are written is…

  • Posted Timeouts for Parallel::ForkManager to preaction
  • Posted Choosing a Log Level to preaction

    Like all subjective decisions in technology, which log level to use is the cause of much angry debate. Worse, different logging systems use different levels: Log4j has 6 severity levels, and

  • Commented on Something New Every Day
    I only know it because the books I read for Perl 5.6 mentioned the apostrophe as an archaic and now-outdated package separator and admonished me to use double-colon. So, I suspect it is not something everyone knows, but nowadays I...
  • Commented on Else Clauses on Loops
    As far as I know, only Python currently has an explicit for...else syntax. But it doesn't exactly do what you're proposing. Indeed, the else clause runs if the loop completes successfully. So, you skip it by doing break (last to...
  • Commented on Our Adventures in Logging
    Are you going to propose these on the Github project? There are already some enhancement proposals on the Github issues list. For example, your second proposal is Your first proposal is also covered by, but Adapters would be...
  • Posted CPAN Testers Has a New API to preaction

    As part of the MetaCPAN hackathon, meta::hack, I was invited to work on the CPAN Testers integration. CPAN Testers is a community of CPAN users who send in test reports for CPAN…

  • Posted meta::hack log to preaction

    Last week, I attended meta::hack, the MetaCPAN hackathon in Chicago. I'm the maintainer for CPAN Testers, the central database for CPAN users to send in test reports on CPAN distributions and one of MetaCPAN's data sources. I…

  • Commented on CPAN Testers RULE!
    Slaven's the real MVP here: Sending in reports is great, and thanks to everyone who does that (see the leaderboard here:, but taking the time to follow up on reports, track down root causes, and submit issue reports to...
  • Commented on Beam::Emitter v1.004 Released
    I just released 1.005 with an expanded SYNOPSIS and a modified DESCRIPTION to try to clarify how this all works. Does it make a little more sense now?
  • Commented on Beam::Emitter v1.004 Released
    Toby Inkster is 404, sure. I'm not sure that Type::Tiny is yet abandoned, but nobody has yet started the adoption procedure. It's in a similar limbo to how JSON::PP was/is... That said, if there's a Moo(?:se)?-cabal-approved replacement, I'm willing to...
  • Commented on Beam::Emitter v1.004 Released
    Yeah, you've got a point. I should come up with some actual use-case scenarios, add them to the Cookbook, and then put one or two of them up in the SYNOPSIS. Thanks!...
  • Posted Beam::Emitter v1.004 Released to preaction

    This week, I released a new version of Beam::Emitter. A lot has changed since the first releases, so here's some details on all the new features.

    Beam::Emitter is a role for turning your classes into event emitters. Being an event emitter…

  • Posted Log::Any 1.044-TRIAL released to preaction

    A new trial of Log::Any (1.044) has been released. This release has a couple changes that make Log::Any a bit more predictable:

    • Passing in objects to formatted log methods now handles objects that overload strin…
  • Posted Log::Any 1.042 Released to preaction

    Since CPANTesters for Log-Any are all showing green for last week's trial release, I've pushed a

  • Posted New Log::Any Trial Release 1.041 to preaction

    I've just released a new Log::Any trial release. This release improves performance immensely when there are no log output adapters configured. This release also now returns the formatted log string from logging methods, allowing the log message to be…

  • Commented on PRC 2016 - Second Trimester
    I think vmbrasseur's YAPC talk on maximizing drive-through contributions can help with accepting PRC contributions. I have one I have to help push through to completion myself. Here's the talk video in case:
  • Commented on Travis-CI and Perl
    Also, I'm giving a talk on getting the most out of Travis for Perl at The Perl Conference in North America this year. Slides from working drafts of my Travis Perl talk are here...
  • Commented on A Date with CPAN: And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor
    This tool looks nice. Will you put it on CPAN?...
  • Commented on 3Party - cpan modules third party testing
    Parts of this sound very similar to the CPAN Testers project. What makes this different? Could it be added to CPAN Testers?...
  • Commented on A Naïve SQL Shell
    Second on DBI::Shell, since sqlplus is terrible, but this is also why I wrote the ysql utility of Yertl...
  • Posted ygrok - Parse Plain Text into Data Structures to preaction

    As a data warehouse, a significant part of my job involves log analysis. Besides the standard root cause analysis, I need to verify database writes, diagnose user access issues, and look for under-used (and over-used) data sets. Additionally, my boss needs quarterly and yearly reports for client…

  • Commented on List::Slice - Slice-like Operations for Lists
    Yeah, that's a good idea. I'd love to convince more people that XS isn't as scary and terrible as it seems....
  • Posted List::Slice - Slice-like Operations for Lists to preaction

    How many times have you needed to do this?

    my @found_names = grep { /^[A-D]/ } @all_names;
    my @topfive = @found_names[0..4];

    Or worse, this.

    my @topfive = ( grep { /^[A-D]/ } @all_names )[0..4];
  • Commented on Moving data around with Yertl over ODBC (to HANA)
    I'm glad you're finding it useful! The project has been stalled at a very early stage (I've been working on Statocles), but I'll be happy to accept any contributions you want to make. You may want to upgrade your fork:...
  • Commented on Announcing Statocles Static Site Generator
    Fixed, thanks!...
  • Posted Announcing Statocles Static Site Generator to preaction

    Static site generators are popular these is key. The ability to use lower-cost (even free) hosting, often without any dynamic capabilities, is good for trying to maintain a…

  • Commented on On OP_SIGNATURE
    You bring up good technical points, as always, but, as always, they are couched in insults and ad hominem attacks. Since it is not possible to write p5p criticism to the mailing list, I'll have to do it in my...
  • Commented on Looking for YAPC::NA News?
    There's an Atom feed on the yapcna site that doesn't have the most recent news from the yapcna site. It points to the blog, which you said is deprecated. So people who subscribed to updates in their news reader won't...
  • Commented on Mojolicious Triumphs Over Legacy Code
    It boils down to "simple non-blocking app performs better than poorly-written blocking app". Unfortunately the API I was using is for a proprietary database, and we built a proprietary non-blocking, networked, message-passing API on top of it, so I can't...
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  • Zoffix Znet commented on Something New Every Day

    Note that in Perl 6, apostropes are valid parts of identifiers (with some restrictions
    on their placement), so the issue that bit OP in Perl 6 complains about
    undeclared variable `$user's` and uses Levenshtein distance to figure out that user might have meant the `$user` variable and suggests that.

  • Matthew Persico commented on Something New Every Day

    There's something to be said for braces whenever a variable bumps up against anything that !~ m/\s/:

    print "${user}'s crontab is missing!\n"

  • morandimus commented on Something New Every Day

    I partially agree, but clarity first and foremost, and I would argue that
      print "$timestamp,$username,$operation,$result\n"
    is more readable than
      print "${timestamp},${username},${operation},${result}\n"

  • domm commented on Something New Every Day

    The JAPH in my .sig is based on this feature:

    for(ref bless{},just'another'perl'hacker){s-:+-$"-g&&print$_.$/}
  • Randal L. Schwartz commented on Something New Every Day


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