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  • Commented on Automatic variable highlighting in vim
    weird that it didn't work for you... I'm on GNU Emacs 24.3.1 (x86_64-apple-darwin13.1.0, NS apple-appkit-1265.19) of 2014-03-18 Also, highlight has a lot of more stuff than auto-highlight-symbol. So you might want to debug that, or at least file a bug...
  • Commented on Automatic variable highlighting in vim
    which (indeed) is available in Emacs for some time now ;) install package 'highlight' add this to your .emacs file (require 'highlight) (setq hlt-auto-faces-flag 1) (setq highlight-symbol-idle-delay 1) (add-hook 'cperl-mode-hook 'highlight-symbol-mode)...
  • Commented on Perl::QA Hackathon in Lyon - Day 1
    Hi, Would you mind adding a link to the dist.ini that Ricardo cleaned up ?...
  • Commented on Better late than never - Perl School is awesome!
    Sounds amazing stuff. Are these recorded and distributed ?...
  • Posted Sometimes a good talk is enough to motivate to Erik Colson

    I've been reading a lot about Perl 5, 6, 7, 2013 etc. I felt, well, like if Perl is going bad... Then I watched this talk today:

    The Perl Renaissance

    Congrats to @pjf for this amazing talk! Wow…

  • Commented on Perl 7
    Why not leave the '20' out of '2013' and make it Perl 13 etc ?...
  • Posted About the 'Mastering Advanced Git' video series of McCullough and Berglund to Erik Colson

    This review is the conclusion of 2 rewrites. Today I'm still uncertain

    Definitely, the video series is a course. And it does hook up onto the
    "Mastering Git" video series from the same authors. Content is rich,
    very rich. Most of d…

  • Commented on How Perl Documentation Could Look Like
    hi you mentioned generating a PDF (or other ebook format). I've looked @ the site but didn't find a link to such a doc. Is this something planned ? -- erik...
  • Posted Perl at Fosdem 2012 to Erik Colson


    Next Sunday (5 february), Fosdem 2012 is hosting our Perl booth and Perl devroom. We welcome a bunch of impressive speakers. The schedule is published here.

    If you are coming to Fosdem but did not select talks fro…

  • Posted FOSDEM 2012 - Brussels to Erik Colson


    Fosdem 2012 will take place on 4 and 5 February.
    You'll find our call for speakers here: Fosdem 2012 call for speakers

    Hope to meet you there !


  • Posted Belgian Perl Workshop 2011 - Thank you all to Erik Colson

    So we had the Belgian Perl Workshop 2011 last Saturday.

    I wish to thank all participants for the conviviality of the event. We had a bunch of interesting interactive talks, which where well prepared by the speakers.

    Including the gurus who shared their knowledge, the audience was p…

  • Commented on Belgian Perl Workshop 2011
    Well this is really odd ! It works for me on Safari and Firefox 3.6.19. Anyone can confirm or explain this ?...
  • Commented on Belgian Perl Workshop 2011
    Yes we know... No excuse for us...
  • Commented on Belgian Perl Workshop 2011
    please tell me which link you used. I tested both links I mentioned without getting 404......
  • Posted Belgian Perl Workshop 2011 to Erik Colson

    Hello fellow perl programmers!

    Please note that the Belgian Perl Workshop 2011 will take place at "The Hub" in Brussels ( on Saturday 15 October.

    We are quite late on schedule. So please register …

  • Commented on review: O'Reilly video "McCullough and Berglund on Mastering Git"
    Mike, I didn't mention this in the review, but the 'students' in the video also have a SVN background....
  • Posted review: O'Reilly video "McCullough and Berglund on Mastering Git" to Erik Colson

    This is the first O'Reilly video I downloaded. Technically this course noise nor bad images. O'Reilly did a great job at mixing the video with full-screen laptop screen and the room.

    By downloading the course you'll get mor…

  • Posted Finance::QuoteDB 0.15 released to Erik Colson

    Please note that I have released Finance::QuoteDB 0.15 to CPAN.

    Finance::QuoteDB is meant as a fullblown database application for
    maintaining stock data. It allows anyone to easily create and update a
    stock database. The information is gathered by using Finance::Quote

  • Posted Emacs frames are no more evil ! to Erik Colson

    I'm an Emacs user for years now. I never used frames because "frames are evil".

    Framemove is easy to install. Get it from the emacswiki site and add following lines in .emacs :

    (require 'framemove)

  • Commented on DateTime and Excel difference
    wow, didn't know that... my immediate reaction : why the hell copy a bug while they could as well put the correction in the import and export procedures ?...
  • Posted DateTime and Excel difference to Erik Colson

    Seems that DateTime module thinks 29.2.1900 didn't exist while Excel 2008 does. Which one is correct ? Well DateTime is OpenSource while Excel is payware. Think payware would be correct ? nope, DateTime is !

    So the correct DateTime object for dates starting 1.3.1900 when using values from …

  • Posted Carbon Emacs and Samba shares to Erik Colson

    Lastly I tried to access files on a Samba share (running on a Debian machine) from Carbon Emacs running on Snow Leopard. The files where in a git-repo, so vc-git tried to do his stuff. This made Carbon Emacs hang while creating linked files. flymake had the same issue.…

  • Posted Template Toolkit and Emacs to Erik Colson

    I am messing around with Template::Toolkit. Found the Emacs mode for template toolkit written by Dave Cross :

    Put the file tt-mode.el somewhere in your Emacs path and add these lines to your .emacs config file:

    ;; tt-mode

  • Posted New blog to Erik Colson


    Once in a while I have something to tell about Perl and me. I used my very own server for years and sometimes I even used use.perl. Since the shutdown of the blogging interface at use.perl it seems that most bloggers moved to blogs.perl.

    So this is my turn to move ;)

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