About the 'Mastering Advanced Git' video series of McCullough and Berglund

This review is the conclusion of 2 rewrites. Today I'm still uncertain
about a final opinion about this course.

Definitely, the video series is a course. And it does hook up onto the
"Mastering Git" video series from the same authors. Content is rich,
very rich. Most of day to day Git users will probably learn a lot on
this marvelous tool that is Git.

But, Git is a tool. Basically a developer (or whatever user of text
files which can make use of a revision control system) knows one or
more languages, and tries to extend that knowledge as far can be. The
Git tool serves him in solving bugs (by i.e. finding diffs which
introduced them), keeping track of released versions, etc. There's a
lot Git can do beyond this, and the course covers lots of these. But
is that knowledge required?

I praise both instructors for their awesome knowledge. However this
course goes far beyond my needs in Git. I viewed the courses 3 times,
without being able to assimilate all this for use in real life (except
some minor stuff as config settings, push and pull options and
patches). This is most probably a logic consequence of me only having
a limited usage of the covered items.

So, in conclusion: the initial "Mastering Git" video series shows you
what Git can do for you in day to day development. If that is enough
for you, you might just want to stick with that knowledge. In this
case, the "Mastering Advanced Git" series might scare you away (hence
this is most probably exaggerated).

If you really want/need to dig further into the world of Git then this
video series will probably fit the task! This really is an 'advanced'
video series.

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