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Better late than never - Perl School is awesome!

Three Saturdays ago I attended the fourth Perl School, which was about DBIx::Class.

Top line summary: it was brilliant!

This was the second course I've attended from Dave Cross, and the first one under the Perl School banner. Dave has been using Perl heavily for around two decades up to and including this year, which gives him a very deep knowledge that is also firmly up-to-date. He is also an excellent presenter and trainer, so all that knowledge…

Ask JAPH - A Tumblr Experiment

So Tumblr, well known blogging platform, has this feature where you can set up a simple site and then invite people to ask you questions. I thought it would be fun to try out doing this for Perl.



  • Get the Perl name out there some more
  • Offer yet another place other than Linked In and Stack Overflow for people to ask questions about Perl
  • Teaching a subject is the best way to learn that subject
  • Give me something to do with my abundance of free time (…

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