Ask JAPH - A Tumblr Experiment

So Tumblr, well known blogging platform, has this feature where you can set up a simple site and then invite people to ask you questions. I thought it would be fun to try out doing this for Perl.


  • Get the Perl name out there some more
  • Offer yet another place other than Linked In and Stack Overflow for people to ask questions about Perl
  • Teaching a subject is the best way to learn that subject
  • Give me something to do with my abundance of free time (this one is sarcastic...)

Not sure which to be more scared about - getting zero questions or getting lots of questions! But I'm more excited about getting lots of questions.

Whether you're completely new to Perl, or a Perl expert with a random question, you can always Ask JAPH!

Let's see how this goes :-)


Very cool! Is there a way to use CNAMEs with tumbler? That way something more externally recognizeable as Perlish could be used as a domain?

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