Ask JAPH - A Tumblr Experiment

So Tumblr, well known blogging platform, has this feature where you can set up a simple site and then invite people to ask you questions. I thought it would be fun to try out doing this for Perl.


  • Get the Perl name out there some more
  • Offer yet another place other than Linked In and Stack Overflow for people to ask questions about Perl
  • Teaching a subject is the best way to learn that subject
  • Give me something to do with my abundance of free time (this one is sarcastic...)

Not sure which to be more scared about - getting zero questions or getting lots of questions! But I'm more excited about getting lots of questions.

Whether you're completely new to Perl, or a Perl expert with a random question, you can always Ask JAPH!

Let's see how this goes :-)


Very cool! Is there a way to use CNAMEs with tumbler? That way something more externally recognizeable as Perlish could be used as a domain?

Inviting people to ask you questions would be great but now the problem would be if they ask you questions that you do not have an answer leave alone having the correct answer for them. Another problem would be giving the wrong answer to a question and to make it worse you think that is the right answer.
I think the best approach would be letting people answer or contribute answers to the questions you have been asked. That way you would be in a position to get different perspectives from different persons. As they say two heads are better than one, is very true. You would also get the chance to gauge yourself how knowledgeable you are against others on the topic which would also help you learn new things you didn't know.

Now Tumblr is owned by Yahoo...I hope this great platform will not change.

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