Submit a Perl talk for OSCON before February 1

The Call for Proposals for OSCON ends on February 1.

As part of the Perl track committee, I gave some guidance in what you might propose in "How to tell your Perl story at OSCON". There are many interesting things you could talk about, even if you don't think it's interesting.

I mentioned several categories your talk might fall into:

  • The Perl language itself, and how it works
  • Using Perl features to provide programmer capabilities
  • Using other technologies from Perl
  • The process of using Perl to get work done
  • A 5 minute lightning talk

Every proposal is judged both by a committee of subject matter experts as well as the entire OSCON program committee and the organizers. Take the time to let OSCON know why your talk is the best, and remember that some of the people judging it might not know who you are or why your really cool thing is important. You're also in competition with other Perl talks, so we need a reason to pick yours over the many other Perl talks for the limited space each track gets.

Good luck!

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There doesn't seem to be a way to submit a lightning talk on that CFP.

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