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Beginners and Conferences

I've had many ideas for introduce Perl conference beginners into the community. Dom also had some ideas in How to make Perl conferences beginner friendly. Steal what you like, share what works!


PrettyDump's European Tour

As part of a travel grant from The Perl Foundation, I was able to adjust a trip to visit, the French Perl Workshop, and

Perl 6 at the Alpine Perl 6

The Lyon Compromise on Perl version formats

I fixed some tests in Module::Release because I supported v-strings and dev versions at the same time. Even though I don't use v-strings, the module would recognize v1.2.3_1. Andreas caught this because he does this amazing work to test CPAN breakage. John Peacock noted that version changed due to the "Lyon Compromise" from the 2014 Perl QA Hackathon. I know about the /users/brian_d_foy/conferences/index.html

Saint Perl 6 Hack Day wrap-up

Saint Perl 6 started with its hack day instead of putting it at the end. I can summarize some of the proceeding, but some of the end-of-day reports were delivered in Russian. Someone else will have to fill in the blanks.

I mentioned my CPAN Testers from GitHub idea and some people looked into it. Miyagawa has a gist that fakes out with ="…

2014 Swiss Perl Workshop redux

The Swiss Perl Workshop did not disappoint, although as a featured speaker there was plenty to worry about. One of the organizers, Matthias Bloch, was well trained to take care of the chaotic situation of herding cats and programmers. He was a trained primary school instructor, in which he explained the getting a group of first graders to do anything is much harder. I'm dubious, having been to many workshops, but everything went well. The trick is to embrace the fear.


How should conference speakers be compensated?

Curtis Poe, one of the top presenters in the world of Perl (and testing and ...) recently posted How Do Conference Speakers Get Compensated? in LinkedIn. There had been a bit of a kerfuffle on the YAPC Europe Conference Organizers mailing list after some mail that would have been better handled in private email.

Reverse installing CPAN, at the Polish Perl Workshop

My Polish Perl Workshop talk on taking an existing Perl installation and creating a CPAN-like repository that would create it.

The Perl Review Community Calendar

Several people were talking in Twitter about The Perl Review Community Calendar. If your event is missing, the easiest thing is for you to get a commit bit so you can update your event how you like. Either I or Renée Bäcker can give you access, and I think there are other people who can manage sharing. I should set up one of those fancy FAQ things for this.

The Perl Review Community Calendar is for non-recurring or infrequent major events (so, not your monthly …

YAPC Achievements

Want to make YAPC a game? Want elite points for doing things at YAPC? Want to be the person to give out the points?

JT Smith was at the Windy City Perl Mongers last night giving his The Game Crafter talk as an exemplar of the talks he wants at YAPC in Madison. It's more about his application of Perl to one of his businesses than just explaining another module or framework.

After the talk when JT and I were headed back uptown, we started talking about achievements for YAPC. You do somet…

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