My notes from the Vienna QA Workshop

I don't have time this week to say more on this, but I need to get my notes off my mind:

  • Lots of people ask about the difference between Miyagawa's new CPAN client and mine. The short answer is that his exists and mine doesn't, and his might do everything that I need so I'm going to wait.

  • Schwern wants to make a Perl version of Git accomplishments, or whatever that thing is called. You get badges for doing things in Git.

  • I want to make a cpan(1) profile that does the same thing as cpanminus. That is, a configuration file that makes the same decisions. Anyone want to make that for me? I'm trying not to get distracted so I can work on other things.

  • Marcel is making a PAUSE web service. It's going to be integrated with the live PAUSE databases and start as a read only service.

  • I'm working on a similar web service with a much broader scope. I hope to have a demo thing up very soon. It's going to include the PAUSE info, but much more too.

  • Andy Armstrong (I think) and BooK talked quite a bit about different ways to manage Perl library directories with Git. There was lots of branching, etc, and you could commit to the central repo and other machines could clone. I didn't take notes, but there were many use cases that were interesting. Essentially, you can have a virtually infinite number of module combinations, and each gets its own SHA-1 that you can checkout any time that you like.

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