Thanks Eyjafjallajökull! I'll give my NPW talk virtually.

I can't make it to Iceland for the Nordic Perl Workshop, which I think is all but officially cancelled now while Eyjafjallajökull does its thing. NPW might reschedule for later in the year. Maybe we can turn this into a virtual conference, though. I'll see what I can do to give my talk here and upload the audio and video. Maybe other people can do the same, or at least upload their slides.

Most of the problem in the re-routings of airlines. I was flying from Boston to Keflavík on IcelandAir, but now those direct flights are cancelled. The reroutings are through Glasgow and other odd places with extremely long transfers. By the time I got to Reykjavík, it would be time to come home again. Curiously, I think this would have affected my travel to anywhere in Europe since the backlog of passengers is clogging planes, and flights from the US to anywhere in the Nordic area are still affected.

IcelandAir is offering full refunds, although it looks like they have to process them by hand. The Hotel Loftleiðir has a full refund policy if you cancel 24 hours before arrival, but their website is wonky so I had to write to them by email at

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My flight was also on Icelandair from Boston to Keflavík, but it was scheduled for today. I called them up yesterday expecting to be on hold throughout the morning but was pleasantly surprised when it took about three minutes from the time a dialed to the time I hung up and they had processed a refund request, which should show up in the next few days. Anyway, I look forward to your virtual talk!

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