I'm going to the Nordic Perl Workshop

The Nordic Perl Workshop is in Malmö on June 18-19. That's just across the bridge from Copenhagen and is quite a nice little city which I visited the last time I went to Copenhagen (or was it the time before that?).

I'm going to get there a little early though. I'm flying to Zurich so I can visit Liechtenstein the weekend before; I always want to visit but things get in the way. I'll be in Zurich on Sunday, June 12. I know a couple of Perl people must be there.

Once I do that, I'm flying up to Copenhagen on Monday, June 13. After that I have to find something to do with myself until the conference starts. Does anyone in the area need some CPAN-related work done. :)


If you're up for a detour, a couple of us in Oslo.pm will be sailing a boat from Oslo to Malmö, leaving june 15th and arriving the day before NPW. :)

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