Why I Love Perl: The CPAN Ecosystem

são paulo

Tomorrow I leave for the São Paulo Perl Workshop. I thought for a bit on what I would want to talk about, which always depends on the audience. For this one, I'll go for the general audience.

Why I Love Perl: The CPAN Ecosystem

The Comprehensive Archive Network, or just CPAN, isn't any one thing. It means different things to different people, and even different things to the same people in different contexts. CPAN is a repository, or a website, a client, and many other things that a diverse and disconnected group of people have created to give people many ways to get or think about reusable Perl code where no one is in charge and there's no one person controlling all of the action. Find out how the parts relate to each other, what the different parts can do for you, and where to go to get help.

I'm also going to Rio after São Paulo and we'll see what we can arrange for a social event (or a talk) there too.

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