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Help Update Pod::Perldoc!

Pod::Perldoc needs love. It's the module behind the perldoc command and has been only lightly maintained by p5p for the past couple of years. I needed to fix a minor issue, discovered that I had filed the oldest tickets against the module, and figured I'd clean up /users/brian_d_foy/2011/11/index.html

What I learned from YAPC::Brasil

Speaking to the non-english audience

Perl regex escapes by version

Tom Christiansen compiled a table of escape sequences by the version of Perl that introduced them. This is the sort of Perl documentation that I like. It's too bad he doesn't blog, but I don't think he'll mind me reposting this part of his private email. :)

We've come up with all sorts of good ideas for Programming Perl since we turned the book in two weeks ago.

(Download as gist 1342877)

This list is sorted by escape, but you know Perl so you can re-sor…

A Perl Bibliography

perl-bibliography.png I'm creating a Perl Bibliography to go along with the other Bibliography booklets on O'Reilly's site. At OSCON as part of a Safari Books Online promotion, there were thin, real-paper booklets listing the books (from all publishers) in particular categories. They are also available as free downloads, like the /users/brian_d_foy/2011/11/index.html

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user-pic I'm the author of Mastering Perl, and the co-author of Learning Perl (6th Edition), Intermediate Perl, Programming Perl (4th Edition) and Effective Perl Programming (2nd Edition).