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Try the new perldoc

I took over maintenance of Pod-Perldoc, and with the help of a lot of people, I'm ready to merge it into the perl sources. There aren't major new features or a change in structure. I applied a lot of patches. Pod-Perldoc-3.15_12 is on CPAN so you can play with it. This next release fixes 15 old RT tickets, some of them major problems but most of them quick fixes that I merely needed to apply. This week is a good time…

YAPC::NA has a suggestion box that you can vote on

JT set up a Mob Rater instance for YAPC::NA at You can suggest ideas for YAPC and vote on what other people have suggested. This isn't a commitment to act on any of the ideas, but it's a great way for organizers to see what people want and how many people like the idea.

This doesn't have to be suggestions for new things, either. Don't like something? Maybe everyone else does too. Tell Mob Rater you want to get rid of it. See what other people think.

This is even simpler than ="ht…

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