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Perl in Catincan, an open source crowd funding proposal

I've proposed a "Perl" project on Catincan, a new crowd funding site targeted at open source software. They've said that the first 25 projects to be fully funded have their fees waived for life. That is, if a Perl project gets funded, we have a crowd sourcing platform where the developer gets all the money.

That fee waiver is interesting. I've looked at many crowd funding sites. Most at least charge the credit car…

Mark your modules as adoptable if you don't want them

Signal that you'd like to pass on your modules by giving the virtual PAUSE user ADOPTME permissions. I've always been amazed at one of the least appreciated features of CPAN: people will step up to maintain or shepherd modules that aren't scratching their itch. It's a different sort of activity than the long-term or drive-by participation that most open source projects rely on. There are a group of people who maintain CPAN projects that they don't even use. There are a few that I handle that I've never used in a program.

I think we can improve on this wonderful but underrated social f…

perl.jobs summary for 2012

Every year I count the number of jobs posted to jobs.perl.org (and sometime last year I put it all in github). I make no hard interpretation of these numbers and don't take them to mean anything. I think the rise in numbers up to 2006 are merely from people finding out about the service. I have no thoughts on the decline after that.

$ perl5.14.2 upj.pl
File count is 13130
Total posts is 10243
Duplicate count is 2677
Uncounted is 210
Year | Tot…

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